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The Durability Test of DJI Spark or the Check of the Drone’s Functionalities

The release of DJI Spark is a major achievement in the drone industry. This drone is regarded to be the best selfie drone of the modern times. After the release of Spark, many users who are choosing their drones can’t make a final choice because some of them used to compare DJI Spark to DJI Mavic Pro.

Right now, we will show you the results of the abuse test. Probably this information will be a decisive factor in favor of DJI Spark. The team of HeyDrones channel tested DJI Spark. Guys put the drone through various accidental scenarios. Besides, the guys created artificial extreme conditions in order to check the Spark’s functionality.


Watching the video to this post, you can see everything the guys from HeyDrones did with DJI Spark.

Rain and Wind Tests

They created the artificial light rain and this didn’t stop Spark. The drone continued operating under heavy breezes. Later they took off Phantom 4 which is larger than Spark and made it fly above the Spark. As a result, Phantom 4 generated wind above Spark, but this obstacle didn’t stop the drone. Spark continued flying. Of course, the wind affected DJI Spark but the drone perfectly regained its position even when it was pushed to the ground with Phantom 4.


Obstacle Avoidance Test

This system works perfectly. You can take a look at the video to make sure that the drone avoids obstacles in real time. When the drone sees an obstacle in 1.5 m in front of it, it will signal.

Propeller Test

In the video, we see that regardless of the fact the Spark’s propellers are small, they can easily cut through such objects as balloons or banana skins. Besides, even in case the propellers cut through different objects, they keep an aircraft from falling.

Yet still, the team of HeyDrones cut a small part of a propeller with the aim to check whether the drone will fly with so small damage. The drone couldn’t lift off the ground. It stands to mention that other DJI drones like Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 Pro can continue flying even when a propeller is partially missing.


Durability Test

When you use an iPhone 7, the Spark can reach about 230 feet. Yet still, if to use an optional controller, the drone can fly up to 6522 feet.

Food Test

Even if a first gaze this test seems to be non-traditional, it shows that the Spark is resistant to falling berries. The propellers are very strong and during this test they proved it. They could easily chop through even hard shelled candies.

When people buy drones the first things they take into consideration are the price and the amount of features. Nevertheless, to buy the best drone it is necessary to take into consideration such durability tests as well. Taking a look at this test, we see that DJI makes its drones professionally.

We see that Spark is not so stable as other DJI drones but taking into account its size, the drone is really great! All in all DJI Spark proved to be a high-quality mini quadcopter!



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