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DJI is Going to Teach Dutch Emergency Workers to Use Drones

It is not a secret that Netherland is well-known for the development of professional ecosystems for the unmanned aerial vehicles. They are experts in this industry. Recently, DJI, a well-known drone manufacturer, took a decision to train Dutch firemen and paramedics to use drones. For that reason, they created a drone school.

To turn this idea into reality, the company concluded a contract with Space53. The prime objective of this partnership is to conduce to the development of a drone industry in Enschede. Besides, this collaboration should create special projects, allowing their specialists to use the drone technology correctly. Both companies are going to work on the creation of a special training program, which can be useful for emergency personnel. They want to create several standard procedures that will help firemen and paramedics work during various security operations.


The core training base will be a former airport. The city alderman confessed that this is the best place for performing such operations. For inexperienced users, the rules of drone piloting are very complicated. On that score, a former airport will be the best place for learning to use drones. There are no obstacles here. So, this is an ideal place for acquiring the new skills.

Space53 managed to create the Twente’s unique ecosystem, which is regarded to be an ideal combination of innovative entrepreneurs in the industry of unmanned systems, experience and required skills and unique facilities. They are going to collaborate with various security services, like the Twente Fire Department.


The local authorities consider that the participation of DJI in this area will conduce to the creation of more jobs. Right now, due to this program many persons got new job positions. The decision of DJI to invest in the training of emergency staff is great because in doing so, they will give the emergency workers an opportunity to learn everything about the drone industry and promote their company as well.

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