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Comparison of DJI Phantom 4 and GoPro Karma


In this review, we are going to compare two different drones, developed by prosperous drone manufacturers – DJI Phantom 4 and GoPro Karma. Regardless of the fact that DJI is regarded to be the leading drone manufacturer these days, not all customers can afford to buy drones developed by this company. Some of them are made to choose cheaper models. Yet still, it is much more profitable to overpay for a high-quality drone instead of buying its cheap analog.

Right now we will compare the new folding drone GoPro Karma and the latest DJI Phantom 4.

Camera characteristics

The greatest advantage of GoPro Karma is its camera system. Some customers prefer this drone because of its versatility. You can either fix a camera to a drone and make amazing aerial footage, or you can put out the stabilizer and make videos on the ground. The average price for the drone and the camera is around $1100.


Phantom 4 is endowed with the 4k camera, which can capture 4k video at 30 frames per second and slow motion 1080p at 120 frames per second. This allows users to make impressive footage easily. Phantom’s camera is bolted to a drone. The average price for Phantom 4 is around $1000.

What about the size?

GoPro Karma has a folding design, so it is evident that this drone is smaller than DJI Phantom 4. Yet still, it doesn’t make the Phantom worse, even taking into consideration the aspect that you need to obtain an additional backpack to carry the drone. GoPro Karma is smaller but to carry the drone safely, you will be made to buy an additional case as well.


Analyzing this criterion, DJI Phantom 4 wins. The drone is packed with different features and an obstacle avoidance system. Besides, this drone has many flight modes that are very easy to use (even for beginners). It stands to mention that in the hands of experienced pilots Phantom 4 will be more capable.


GoPro Karma lacks those features Phantom 4 has. Besides the drone hasn’t a follow me feature. Analyzing the quantity of pre-programmed flight paths, Phantom again wins because Karma has only four of them.

As for the functionality Phantom 4 is definitely better. Karma is smaller but this drone is for those who search for portable small drones and aren’t concerned about the additional features. Besides, Karma is a solution in case you already own GoPro and want to vary your adventures.

Yet still, if your overarching goal is to make professional aerial footage then Phantom 4 will be an ideal solution. Now, this drone is presented in different versions: Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Professional. So, each user can choose the one which corresponds to their requirements.

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