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Useful Tips for the New Drone Pilots

If you have finally bought a DJI drone, you should definitely get the best out of your new companion. Not all drone users are experienced pilots. For that reason, if you are one of such individuals who doesn’t know all peculiarities of flying a drone, read the below-listed tips. They will definitely help you get ready for your first flight and make amazing aerial footage.

  1. Before each flight you need to inspect a drone.


This aspect is crucially important. Before heading out to fly, check whether your batteries are charged and the aircraft is in order. Charge the batteries in advance. As a rule DJI Phantom 4 Pro can fly up to 30 minutes. DJI Mavic Pro – up to 25 minutes. To prolong the flight time, you should obtain several additional batteries. Before each flight you need to charge them over night.

You should also spend some time checking the propellers. They shouldn’t be damaged.

  1. Calibrate the compass.

You should know that every location has various electromagnetic profiles. For that reason, to avoid issues you need to calibrate a compass before every specific location. This procedure is easy and doesn’t take too much time. To do this, you just need to open the DJI Go application and follow the instruction you’ll see on the screen.

Before the flight you also need to wait for the stable GPS connection.

  1. Fly in outdoor areas.


Of course, the latest DJI drones are endowed with the obstacle avoidance system. Yet still, you are not an experienced pilot. For that reason, to make your first flight, choose open areas where there are no obstacles like skyscrapers, high trees, bridges or mountains. In doing so, you will concentrate on learning how to operate a drone.

  1. Never fly above people or animals.

This is just a measure of safety. Besides, sometimes drones irritate people or animals. So, it is better to choose places that aren’t overcrowded with people.

  1. Don’t fly higher than 400ft.

If you live in the USA, you need to know that the maximum allowed height for commercial drone is 400 ft. This regulation was set with the aim to prevent the interference with the airplane in the regular airspace. Besides, it is also recommended to avoid flying under such structures that may be the reason of magnetic interference.

  1. Maintain the line of sight.


This issue is crucially important especially if you are a first time pilot. When you want to fly behind different obstacles, you risk losing the orientation. Furthermore, you may have problems related to returning your aircraft back home.

  1. Maintain full control.

This is just a simple advice. When you want to take off your drone, do it in the position with the green lights facing yourself. The camera should face forward. In doing so, you will always remember where the camera is pointed when you want to make a video or photo. Even if you want to make use of automatic options, you need to make sure that you control your drone.

  1. Register a drone.

If you live in the USA, you need to register a drone and get a license according to FAA rules. You will get a Remote Pilot Certificate. The registration of a drone is a must in case the weight of your aircraft is more than 0.55 lb.

If you reside in UAE, you need to get the permission from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority. To do this, you need:

  • To register a drone on the DCAA official website.
  • Apply for a No Objection Certification.
  • Share your contact details.

In some instances, you are asked to pay additional fees depending on the film locations and the commercial activity.

We hope that all these tips will help you make your first successful flight. Nevertheless, if you still doubt which drone to choose, welcome to We offer DJI drones for sale in Dubai and have lucrative and excellent propositions for you!

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