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Phantom 4 Production Ceased?

DJI has ceased manufacturing the Phantom 4 model. Perhaps, this drone model was the shortest living one by the brand. It was launched on March 1st in 2016 and only ten months later on 18th of January 2017, as it turns out, the production was terminated.

There is also a message sent by the company to its dealers, according to which the company is still releasing its crafts, yet the entire production line by DJI is withheld until the end of January 2017. As it is expected, this date will be postponed even further taking into account that the Chinese New Year corresponds particularly to this date. Therefore, the stock of the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Pro Combo is very tight, all that we have to do is to hope it will be enriched by March of this year.
What refers the Phantom 4, the message stated about the cessation of the model’s production. Anyway, unlike the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional, which are out of production and no stock is left, one can still find some stock of Phantom 4.
And only after the production of the Mavic Pro is sorted out, the DJI company will limit the drones to the Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro Plus and the Mavic Pro.
Summing up the whole news about the termination of Phantom 4, we come to conclusion one can still find some sold in the market. The statement that the model will be no longer produced, is a fact, yet the stock will suffice customers for a certain time period.
DJI officially proclaimed about the termination of the Phantom 3 series production. Except for the Phantom 3 Standard, other Phantom 3 models including the Professional, Advanced and 4K drones will no longer be produced.
DJI put the emphasis on its Mavic, Inspire 2 and Phantom 4 Pro drones. It’s not known how long these models will be manufactured, yet perhaps new models will come to arena prior to ceasing their production.

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