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DJI Phantom 5: When Will the New Drone Hit the Market?

The core fans of DJI drones and spare parts are looking forward to the release of new products. Though still there is no official information regarding the new entries, there are leaked photos proving that the release of the new DJI Phantom is not far off. The latest rumors came from Twitter. Several photos proving the fact that the new UAV will appear soon appeared on this social networking site. After that, they were spread in an online environment. Experts prove this is going to be a new DJI Phantom with interchangeable lenses. Let’s examine all possible features of a future UAV and decide what to expect from the new drone.

IMG_2645If you wish to buy DJI Phantom 5, you should know what to expect from the new flying machine.

DJI Phantom 5: The Release Date

In very deed, no one can tell the exact release date. DJI doesn’t give the official information regarding the new UAV. Besides, no one can confirm that the future UAV will have the name Phantom 5. Some experts consider that it will be the new Phantom 4 Pro V.2. All one can do is to wait and monitor the latest news from the company manufacturer.

CES 2018 has already passed and the only thing we know is that the new UAVs will come very soon!

What Features to Expect from the New Phantom 5?

In sober fact, the new drone is a breakthrough in the area of modern technologies. It will be better than all existing models today.

If to take a look at the leaked images, we can say that a drone will have a 1-type sensor which conduces to faster readout of video. Besides, these images show that the new UAV will feature a new interchangeable lens camera. Analyzing these photos, we see that the drone’s camera will have a lens hood, a lens cap and a removable 24 mm lens. It means that the new Phantom 5 will have mini interchangeable lens (like the Inspire 2). This is a cool benefit because the new flying machine will allow users to make high-quality footage at different focal lengths. Besides, the main characteristic feature of different lenses is the capability to provide different apertures for much better low light performance.

IMG_2647Recently, DJI introduced the new X7 camera, a Super 35/APS-C system which was developed specifically for the needs of aerial photographers. For that reason, the addition of the new interchangeable lens camera is not a dream. This is more than just real! Considering the fact that DJI is deemed to be a top drone manufacturer, we can also call it as the best camera company too.

IMG_2648There is another image on the internet, showing that probably the new drone will have obstacle avoidance system, working in 6 directions. If we can believe this image, we can conclude that the sensor will be the same as the top facing sensor of the Inspire 2.

Analyzing all leaked photos, we can also add that the new drone will have an aluminum shell, a plastic landing gear, and GPS antenna cover.

What News Do We Know About the Latest Drone?

We have already analyzed all improvements. Now, we can conclude, that probably the latest DJI achievement will have the following characteristic features:

  • At a glance, it will have the same design as Phantom 4 has.
  • This will be a 4-rotor drone.
  • It will have several variations as Pro, Advanced or Standard versions.
  • The average price will vary from $1000 to $1500.
  • It will have interchangeable lens.
  • Improved capabilities of camera and optics.
  • 360-degree obstacle sensor.
  • Better flight time.
  • Several transmitting bands.
  • Gesture mode technology.

All these characteristic features aren’t accurate and this investigation is based on leaked images and opinions of experts in this area. Probably, very soon DJI will announce the release of the new drone and we all keep waiting for this date.


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