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DJI Spark is Arriving in Stores and the New Software Update for this Drone


Last month DJI introduced the new selfie drone – DJI Spark. The detailed review about its range of options you can find in this article. Yet still, it was a real challenge to find this drone in stock for hundreds of customers who wished to buy DJI Spark. Right now, DJI solved this issue and confirmed that the new DJI Spark is arriving in stores. It goes to show that now you aren’t obliged to wait for too long until the latest DJI drone goes on sale. Visit, place your order and get DJI Spark within the shortest time period.

DJI Spark is the drone of palm size which can shoot 12-megapixels photos and 1080p video. The greatest Spark benefit is that the user can easily launch it from a palm and control it with gestures. Obstacle avoidance system is one more benefit.


According to the latest news from DJI, the users need to upgrade the firmware almost immediately after purchase. This is mandatory for all users who wish to benefit from the usage of new features. Having updated the software, the users will face lots of benefits because it allows them to be more flexible. The drone recognizes the selfie gesture almost immediately (as soon as the drone is launched from the palm). Besides, it is possible to make selfies from long distances (when you send a drone away for several feet).

Almost immediately after the release of a drone, the company manufacturer took into consideration a plethora of customers’ reviews and offered the capability to upgrade the software. This enhancement offers more opportunities including more methods allowing users to control the flight through the use of DJI Go 4 App. Now, users of this drone are allowed to use the mobile devices with the aim to adjust the maximum distance the drone can fly in the intelligent flight modes.


Besides, DJI confessed that they prepared several tutorials that will show users how to operate Spark. The overarching goal of these tutorials is to help pilots understand how to use DJI Go 4 app, the flight modes and get more experience.       

In sober fact, DJI Spark is a worthy drone, which is a really worth investment. Right now, people frequently compare Spark to its elder brother Mavic, but which one to choose depends on the customers’ needs only.

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