Overview of the Main Matrice 300 RTK Maintenance Tips

Do you know how to make the life of your drone longer? How to keep it flying well? It goes without saying that your drone is one of the most powerful industrial flying machines that allows you to perform your flying missions in a harsh environment. Nighttime search, powerline inspections, search and rescue operations, and more, Matrice 300 RTK is your must-have tool in all these operations. Nevertheless, even the most powerful flying machines require your attention. Let’s move on to discussing the most effective maintenance steps to make sure your aircraft is running smoothly. However, you have to bear in mind that if there are any abnormalities with your drone, you need to contact an authorized repair service.

Well, how to make the most out of your drone? How can you make sure your flying machine is in the best shape? Get comfortable and have a look!

Motors and Rotors

You have to check the rotor of your motor; rotate it to make sure there’s no unnatural friction. Check the gap between the stator and the rotor to make sure it operates smoothly.

Check Motor and Aircraft Arm Connection

Before flying, you have to spend a few minutes and rotate the motor base around the central line of the tube to make sure there’s a secure connection between the arm and the motor. You have to make sure if the four fixing screws are tight. Do the same for four drone’s arms.

Rubber Port Covers

The rubber port covers must also be checked for damage. Mind that if they are in poor condition, it may influence the general performance of your drone and its weather resistance.

Frame Arms

When you mount the aircraft arms, you need to twist the sleeve to make sure it is in the proper position. After you mount aircraft arms, you have to check if the arm conjunctions aren’t damaged. Shake each arm slightly to make sure they are fixed tightly.

Check Propellers and Adapters

You need to do this before each flight. Check if propellers and adapters don’t have any deformations or cracks. If necessary, you have to clean them with a dry cloth. DJI recommends replacing the propeller after flying more than 300 hours. 

Landing Gear

Landing gear is a very important component of a drone. You need to check the sleeves before each flight to make sure they aren’t damaged. Besides, you need to store it correctly, in the proper place of the carrying case. Otherwise, it may be damaged when you close the carrying case. 

Battery Compartment

You have to open the battery locker and check the eject mechanism to make sure there’s no shaking. You should also be very attentive to your battery ports – they must be clean and dry. If there’s dust or water, clean it.

Heat Dissipation Vents

Check the heat dissipation vents to ensure there’s no blockage. Listen to the cooling fans; they must be running smoothly without noise. If you see that your vents are dirty, you need to take a clean and dry cloth to clean them. 

Gimbal Damping Plate

Take a closer look at the dampers and check if there are any defects. Your gimbal connector must rotate smoothly and the screws that connect the damping plate and the aircraft body must be secure.


Before flying, you need to make sure the lenses of your aircraft don’t have cracks. If you see that they are dirty, you need to clean them.

When following all these recommendations, your drone will surely be in operation longer!

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