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Drones Oman Workshop and Live Demonstration

If you still consider that drones can only be used for shooting or making videos from the sky, you are mistaken. In sober fact, this great achievement of the 21 century managed to change our lives for the better! Furthermore, the exponential growth of these devices is great! In three years, the global drone market will reach the value of $127 billion! It goes to show that UAV (well-known as drones) technology is constantly developing.

Drones in Dubai are really popular! Each day, more and more people buy drones in Dubai and use them for different purposes. The government of UAE also wants to use it in the establishment of smart cities and infrastructure or with the logistics purposes. In fact, quadcopters can help people in different spheres of life and in the near future, the areas where these devices can be used will only be increasing.

Very soon a significant event, named the ‘Drones Oman Workshop and Live Demonstration” is going to take place in Oman. It will last for two days. This event is devoted to the influence of drone technology on the modern world. The prime objective of this event is to shed light on all opportunities offered for local technology developers by drone manufacturing industry. Many representatives of this event will share their presentations with the audience.

The situations when people may use drones are different. For that reason, the global drone market develops at the velocity of sound. For instance, a well-known state-owned Petroleum Development Omen used drones with the aim to make live inspections of flare stacks. Later, this technology was enhanced and expanded. Except for this capability, drones can also be used in the logistical area of different smart city systems. Such devices can significantly improve the development of this industry.

Drones are good not only for making professional photos from the sky. We see that every day people find use for these devices in different areas of life. Drones can easily carry out various monitoring tasks or make remote inspections of the territory. Guarding companies, whose goal is to protect different objects can use drones in their business. Furthermore, these days, the technology of transportation medical samples by dint of drones is also on the stage of development. This achievement is definitely beneficial for the healthcare industry. The capability of drones to deliver medical samples to distant locations will save many lives. In sober fact, the potential application of such devices in the smart cities is huge.

The ‘Drones Oman Workshop and Live Demonstration” will demonstrate in what spheres of life drones can be used. In other words, this event will show the full potential of such devices.

Except for the above-mentioned spheres of drone application, these devices can easily carry out the function of 3D mapping. Drones can also simplify the work of architects. By dint of these devices, such work as to do architectural drawings is not a problem anymore. Besides, aerial photogrammetry is one more industry where drones can be applied. Drones can also simplify the work with digital elevation tools.

This workshop is going to be held with the help of the regulatory authorities of the Middle East. The speakers of this event are the representatives of regulatory bodies from the Middle East. They will represent their projects and presentations containing the information about the uptake of UAV technology. Besides, the information about the investments in this area will also be discussed.

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