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 How Can Drones Be Used in Medicine?

Modern technological achievements drastically change each aspect of everyday life. The same is with the healthcare sector, which changes and improves each day, trying to keep up with the newest technological achievements. In this review, we are going to analyze the impact of drones on the health care sector. You may consider that these two issues are not correlated at all, but still, the things are different.

How Can Drones Influence Healthcare Sector?

These days, the popularity of drones in Dubai and other metropolises grows day by day. They are used to make photos or record videos in the most isolated locations. In sober fact, the overriding goal of drones is shooting from the sky. Nevertheless, people have found another use for these devices. Very soon, drones will be used by healthcare providers to transport different medical samples.

One well-known professor, Dr, Tim Amukele, working for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, made a conclusion that drones can deliver blood, urine, organs or other medical samples that had to be handled in less than no time. Medicine is the area of science where everything must be handled quickly. If anything is late, it is useless. Drones are regarded as the fastest and the most cost-effective method to deliver medical samples.

This professor learned this issue for a long time period and made some tests in Africa. In some remote districts of this continent where Ebola threatens life and health of the citizens, drones need to be applied with the aim to deliver the samples of this disease to the labs. Tim Amukale was working on the creation of a pilot study and the development of an application to bring this idea to life.

It stands to mention that the United Arab Emirates government has interested in this question. These days, the drone technology is developing in different spectrum of uses. Besides, everyone interested can buy drone in Dubai at affordable prices; there is a good choice of them.

The fast delivery of medical supplies by drones will be especially useful in the situation when people are injured in inaccessible places. Drones can deliver all necessary drugs and other medical supplies to save lives.

Obstacles that Can Prevent the Delivery of Medical Supplies

As it was mentioned above, drones offer more cost-effective means of delivering the biological matter. It is even cheaper than motorcycles. These days, this procedure is in the development stage and it is difficult to say more specifically whether drones can stand severe weather conditions. Ideally, they can easily do it and can function as vehicles of emergency.

Besides, Amukale and his team of scientists still try to investigate this project more specifically. They need to check whether the biological samples can withstand this transportation type and develop regulatory requirements to this mode of transportation.

His team has also managed to create a special container which will protect the samples in case the drone crashes.

In any case, this project is still under development but this technology of delivery medical samples by drones definitely has lots of advantages. This method will save a plethora of lives and this is the most significant achievement. This is one more fact which proves that drones are not just cool devices for making photos from the sky, they can even save lives! This is the futuristic technology!

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