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Flying a drone is beyond any questions a great fun, yet it may as well drive the pilot into many troubles especially with authorities when certain rules are circumvented. In Dubai, there is a wide range of drones offered to as hobbyists, so professional aerial photographers. They use these machines for taking the shots possible only from a certain height. Tourists use quadcopters to explore Dubai’s spacious areas filled with lights! moreover, there are also drone races organized in Dubai. All this undoubtedly brings indescribable pleasure to pilots, yet there is a line of laws and regulations you are simply obliged to know before you pick up the remote. Otherwise, be prepared to face heavy fines or even get imprisoned for a certain time period.
Here, we shall present to your attention the most important laws regarding flying quadcopters.

“In order to fly a drone in Dubai, you have to obtain a no objection certificate from DCAA. Make sure to check for regulations or limitations on drone use, which are specific to each emirate. All drones need to be registered with GCAA. Individuals and organisations can apply online” –

Also use the fly map and do not forget about these commons rules:

1. Avoid flying your drone over airports. Drones that make intrusions over congested areas such as are airports may cause as financial so physical damages. These machines hamper the air traffic and may even become the reason of an accident! That’s is why it is categorically forbidden to fly a drone over an airport. Avoid to stay away from jails!

2. Don’t fly above 400ft. This height is equal to Dubai’s World Trade Center, for you to know. A quadcopter is also banned from bringing closer to cars, people or building than fifty meters. Besides, you are not allowed to fly your drone above a group of people in Dubai.

3. Keep your drone within your sight. Do never fly your drone to extreme distances when you have to rely only on the monitor on the remote. Once the police in Dubai notices a quadcopter “flying without his owner” nearby, it will be confiscated.

4. Don’t photograph without a permission. You may fly your drone above parks or sights in Dubai, yet don’t take photos unless you have got a consent from the local authorities. Otherwise, your activity may be regarded as a trespassing on people’s privacy.

5. Make sure your drone is in perfect state. Before each flight you undertake, check the condition of the machine. This is both a law and advice, as you would hardly want your expensive drone to be crashed or become a danger to people nearby.

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