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A New Bomb Defusing Drone in Dubai

Terrorism is a major concern of the modern times. Terrorists also keep a check on a fast development of modern technologies and buy drones with the aim to use them like bombs. The prime objective of this review is to show you how Dubai is going to combat this problem.

Dubai Police developed a project allowing them to use drones in bomb disposal operations. This idea was offered by warrant officers First Sergeant Mohammed Sulaiman Al Beloushi and Hamad Rashid Al Felasi. Right now this idea is gradually turning into reality.

Dubai Police is working on the project of a special drone which can defuse bombs. This is going to be the first of its kind drone in the whole world. Its average flight time will be only 10 minutes, but the aircraft is hard enough (around 6 kg) for that reason its flight time isn’t the same as DJI Phantom series have. This drone will carry a water cannon with the aim to defuse bombs.

In the interview to a well-known Dubai newspaper, Al Felasi confessed that right now they want to create a new drone, which can defuse bombs rapidly. They thought that this drone will be more useful than ordinary bomb disposal trucks. On that score, they decided to invent a drone which can carry special water cannon. They were working on this project for three months. Besides, they faced different issues on the development stage; the biggest problem for them was to make this drone fly.


Unfortunately, the first flight was failed because of its heavy weight.

After that the development team started searching for the solutions allowing them to reduce the weight of a bomb defusing drone. They substituted several drone parts and tested the drone for six months. It is very fast, it can reach a bomb in a matter of minutes and diffuse them. The drone is also endowed with a camera which allows the pilot to control the operation. Except for the defusing bombs, the drone can search for explosives and break windows in cars and buildings.

The Commander of Dubai Police confessed that this achievement of the drone industry will be a must-have tool of Dubai Police. So, we can expect that very soon, this drone will be quite popular among the police departments of different world metropolises caring about the safety of the city.

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