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The New DJI Spark Filters Allowing Spark Pilots to Improve the Quality of Their Footage

DJI Spark can meet the demands of professional photographers! Do you believe this? This is true because a well-known accessory company PolarPro released a new set of filters for the smallest DJI drone – Spark. Now, all Spark pilots can easily gain more control over the camera of this small drone with the help of the PolarPro filters.

DJI Spark was launched two months ago and right now it is regarded to be the best selfie drone, allowing you to seize any moment of your life.

Now Spark pilots aren’t limited; they have more control over the aerial footage they make. The filters are available in two packs: three or six various options. Those users who buy DJI Spark or just going to make this purchase should know about this great accessory. Both sets comprise a polarizing filter, which can easily control the reflected light and as a result, it improves reflections. Besides, the prime objective of polarizing filters is to make the blue color in the sky deeper and to boost the green in foliage.


The set of filters also comprises one more useful tool – a special neutral density filter, which can easily decrease the light which comes into the camera. Now, video shooting in bright sunlight is easier.

As for the larger collection, it stands to mention that this one encompasses combination filters in two different strengths that can easily merge polarizing filter and neutral density into one.

The overarching goal of these filters is to be used with the smallest DJI drone. For that reason, to add weight, the developers added aluminum frames. Despite this accessory, the gimbal of the drone continues operating smoothly.

The PolarPro CEO Jeff Overall confessed that he is amazed at the Spark functionality. This small drone can easily get anywhere and allow filmmakers to make lots of awesome perspectives. This drone is an ideal compact solution, which can be used in the situations where it is impossible to use its bigger brothers like Phantom 4 or Inspire 2. Yet still, DJI Spark is a small consumer-level drone and its camera characteristics not always meet the demands of professionals. Their new Spark Filter Sets can help improve the results of aerial photography. The neutral density filters can slow the shutter speed and the usage of combo polarizing filters can improve the color rendering.

The average price for the set of filters is the following one: the three filter set – around $50 and the six filter pack – around $100.

This company also released a special soft case for DJI Spark, which fits the drone’s form. Besides, except for the drone itself, one can also keep two additional batteries there.


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