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Is It Possible to Use DJI Spark As a Professional Filmmaking Drone?

After the release of DJI Spark at the end of May in New York, the drone society continues testing this drone, checking its functionality. DJI Spark has lots of interesting flight modes. Besides, the drone successfully came through the durability test. Nevertheless, it is still a question whether this drone meets the requirements of professional users or not.

The average price for this drone is around $500. If you want to buy DJI Spark Combo, you will pay around $800. The price depends on the online store you choose. Some users consider that this is a price for the professional filmmaking tool. So, is it possible to use DJI Spark as a drone for making professional aerial footage? Let’s discern about this aspect!


The prime objective of DJI Spark is to cater for the needs of a consumer market. Regardless of the fact that Spark is smaller than its predecessor DJI Mavic Pro, it is impossible to fold up its arms. So, this feature doesn’t make it more portable. Yet still, Spark is still regarded to be the smallest DJI drone.

Video Features of DJI Spark

We know that professional filmmaking drones as Inspire 2 are endowed with a plethora of recording features. Sparks lacks them. This drone records only in 30p. Besides, it is also limited to 1050p. As for the camera characteristics, it stands to mention that the drone has an f/2.6 wide-angle lens that is endowed with a 25mm equivalent focal length. The focal lens is wider than Mavic Pro has. The minimal focus distance of this drone is not less than 2m.

Despite these video options, the footage made by Spark looks reasonably well. Nevertheless, everything depends on the way you want to use this footage. If you haven’t a remote controller, you will not fly more than 40m away from the place you are standing. It is impossible! So, it is impossible to use Spark without a controller if your overarching goal is to make high-quality aerial footage.

We don’t say that the footage made by Spark is of poor quality. The quality is more than just good for so small drone. Nevertheless, it is impossible to compare it to DJI Phantom 4. The comparison of three drones, Mavic Pro, Spark and Phantom 4 shows that Phantom 4 definitely wins.

As for the other video options, it stands t mention that one can change the settings of ISO, white balance and shutter speed. If you use Phantom, you can add ND filter, but you can do the same with Spark. This drone is endowed with 2-axis mechanical gimbal. Nevertheless, the drone performs pretty well and all images taken by this quadcopter are very stable.

Control with the help of a mobile device

If you (because of some reasons) don’t buy a remote controller, you can control the drone either through gesture control system or mobile device. When you are going to control a drone with your smartphone, you need to create a WiFi connection between both, a phone and a drone. The control screen is very easy to use. It is very similar to the one Mavic or Phantom has. You will see a special virtual joystick on the screen which will help you control a drone.

Nevertheless, it is not convenient to control the drone with a mobile device. So, if your prime target is to use a drone as a professional tool, you need to buy DJI Spark remote controller. Otherwise, you will be limited in actions.

How to use the Spark gesture control system?

In sober fact, everything is easy. Yet still, the new users may face different issues because, at first gaze, it seems to be difficult. If you are one of those users who can’t understand the peculiarities of work of the Spark gesture control system, read the instructions below.

PalmLaunch Mode


  1. Hold the drone and switch it on. Wait until you see the green color of the drone status indicators.
  2. Find the Intelligent Flight Battery power button and press it twice. You’ll see that the front LEDs blink yellow.
  3. FaceAware feature starts working. As soon as it turns on, the drone will beep twice and you’ll see that the front LEDs became green. If you see the red color, it goes to show that the error occurred.
  4. When the motors begin spinning, the front LEDs will be of red color. Right now, you need to release the drone and it will start hovering.

Start or Stop Palm Control

  1. You need to stand in front of the Spark. Raise your arm in the direction of the drone. Extend fingers and keep them close. After that, you need to put your palm 0.7 m in front of the drone nose for several seconds.
  2. If the activation of this mode is successful, you’ll see the green color of front LEDs. If the LEDs start blinking yellow, it means that you are too close or too far from your drone.
  3. Quickly drop your hand. If you do everything correctly, you’ll see the red color of LEDs.

Adjusting Position

  1. Take your palm up and down with the aim to control the altitude of a drone. Maintain a certain distance between a drone and you.
  2. Move your hand left or right with the aim to control the orientation of a drone.
  3. Move either forward or backward and the drone will repeat your movements.

Taking Selfies

  1. When you see that the drone is tracking you, you need to make a frame with both your hands and the drone will start making selfies.
  2. When the front LEDs are blinking red, it means that the camera is going to make selfies.


  1. You should stand in front of the drone, raise only one arm and then you should quickly wave it at the camera. After that, please, position your hand 0.7m before the nose of the drone for several seconds.
  2. You’ll see that the front LEDs is blinking green twice. The drone will start flying backward.
  3. The front LEDs will be of green color and the drone will start following you.
  4. In case you face a sudden error, you can easily activate this mode by raising both arms in a Y shape.

Our Conclusions

Those who buy DJI Spark should know that this drone has lots of features. This drone is really worth investment. Nevertheless, it is much easier to control it with the help of a remote controller. If you are going to use it as a professional filmmaking tool, you can certainly do this, especially to get shots in places where other drones can’t get because of some reasons. This drone is not targeted at filmmakers. Its prime objective is to meet the requirements of ordinary users who want to make photos or videos for their family archive.

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