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The New Augmented Reality Drone Game from Edgybees

Yesterday, Edgybees gladdened its audience by amazing news – the release of the new augmented reality game. It was developed for playing on DJI drones using a cool accessory, which can make the process of playing more interesting and fascinating – the Epson Moverio BT-300 Drone edition smart glasses.


To play this game, one needs to download it onto the Moverio glasses. Having coped with the simple installation procedure, the Drone Prix AR app allows DJI drone pilots to fly their aircrafts through the virtual obstacles. The overarching goal of this game is to allow the drone pilots to improve their skills in flying drones.

A month ago, Edgybees released the Drone Prix application, which is regarded to be a unique augmented reality game, developed especially for DJI drones. The game runs in the following way – it layers a virtual picture on an FPV view of the real image. This is just one more interesting method to master piloting skills safely. Furthermore, it is very fun and you will definitely enjoy flying. In current times, DJI is regarded to be the leader in the drone technology. For that reason, people in different countries buy DJI drones, preferring this company to its competitors. Playing this game, you will learn to fly, avoiding different obstacles and collecting prizes.


Right now, the company created a new accessory to its application – the Epson Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition glasses. It is an ideal platform for the application itself. Its prime objective is to offer the new immersive experience for users who wish to learn to fly in an interesting way.

The greatest benefit of this edition is that users aren’t made to look at their mobile devices in bright sunlight. It is very convenient. Furthermore, they have a chance to get the new experience.


The application comprises the following modes:

  • Flight Assistant. This is a special track guiding, which shows you how to navigate.
  • Solo and Competition Modes. Here you can compete with other users. You need to race against the clock.
  • Social Engagement. This is an excellent opportunity to share your results with friends, by linking your ID to Facebook.
  • Multiple courses. It offers many various obstacle courses.


If you still wonder where to find it, we can say that the Epson Moverio BT-300 Drone Edition glasses will be pre-loaded with the DJI Go application. They will be offered together with special fasteners and dark shades.

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