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Meet DJI Phantom 5: Start Date and Contemplated Price

The new drone is not released yet but there are so many pilots desiring to buy the New Phantom 5. Today, DJI Innovation is the leading company producing first in quality flying machines, setting the trends for aerial vehicles. If to look at the existing models of drones, it is really hard to foresee what innovative options the new drone will possess.

Keep in mind, the new Phantom 5 is the most expecting aerial vehicle today. Lots of fans are anticipating eagerly the start date but right now, it is in the developmental stage. We just can analyze the hearsay but we don’t know the detailed information. However, specialists think that the new drone will come in retail at the end of this month.

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The Key Features of the New DJI Phantom 5 (Pro)

Very soon, the new DJI product will see the world. In this insightful review, we’ll analyze the key options the new drone will have. If to give credence to the hearsay, the new remotely piloted aircraft will have the name Phantom 5 Pro. Let’s take a look at the new options in greater details.


Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure what options the new battery will include. If to analyze the hearsay, the new flying machine will have 2 batteries. Besides, its flight time will be longer. Its predecessor, Phantom 4, can fly up to 30 minutes. Professional pilots consider that the new DJI product will fly up to 35 minutes. Besides, there are rumors that the battery will be endowed with the new heating system which activates automatically when the environment temperature decreases.


The principal characteristic feature of all DJI products is its camera which allows pilots to make incredible aerial images. Some pilots consider that the new model will have a new gimbal type. We mean the new 360-degree gimbal which will be able to make clear photos even when the speed is more than 50 mph.

If to take a look at the leaked photos, we can make a conclusion that the new camera looks like the camera of Phantom 4. Nevertheless, there are a few distinctions. The new camera is endowed with a 50 mm lens and a release button.

Flight Time

We don’t know for sure how long the new drone will fly. Some people consider that the new Phantom 5 will have a flight time up to 30 minutes on a single charge whereas there is an opinion that the new drone will fly up to 40 minutes. Nevertheless, if to use 2 batteries, the flight time will definitely be longer.

What about the transmitter range?

Some people consider that it will be improved. The new device will be able to fly up to 6 miles away. The Flight Mode switch will have the same options and settings but the new drone will be able to fly at a speed up to 22mph. However, when using the Sports Mode, the drone will fly faster without draining the battery.

What about some other improvements?

Below, you’ll find the list of the key enhancements that the new DJI drone will have:

  • Obstacle Avoidance System. Due to the new anti-collision feature, known as 360-Obstacle Sensing System, the flying machine will be protected from collisions. The obstacle sensors will be located on all the sides.
  • A few extra flight modes will be added.
  • The new drone will come up with the new Companion app enabling pilots to connect to their mobile devices faster.
  • The new Visual Navigation Mode.
  • The new software for video and photo editing will be added.
  • The new Autonomy Mode.
  • Auto tracking option. You can select absolutely any object and lock it.
  • LCD lights. This feature will be quite useful if a pilot flies at nights.

Analyzing the design, the new aerial vehicle will look like its predecessor, Phantom 4. However, some experts have another viewpoint – the new Phantom will have the new exterior design.

We have just analyzed the key features and right now, it is time to talk about its size and weight. The possible size is 16×8.6×12.6 and weight is 8.5 lbs.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know the cost of the new drone model but the contemplated price is $2300. When the New Phantom 5 hits the shops, our online store will be the first in UAE, offering it for sale.

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