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The next fifth generation of DJI Phantom drones attracts the attention of professional or hobbyist pilots. Initially, it was expected that the company will introduce the new UAV in spring 2017. Nevertheless, instead of this, the company presented is smallest drone, DJI Spark, which is regarded to be the best selfie drone at the market. As a result, we see, the roll-out date of Phantom 5 was changed. The whole year, DJI users were waiting for the new Phantom. These days, the rumor mill is getting stronger. There are lots of talks confirming the fact that very soon DJI will launch the new Phantom 5.


Because of the fact that there is no official communication, we can only guess. In this review, we’ll talk about the new UAV and gather all rumors in one article. We can’t give the exact information regarding the main specifications of the future Phantom of the 5th generation. Nevertheless, we can assess the company’s development policy of the previous years, in order to presuppose what options to expect.

The Strategy of the Company’s Development

We all know that DJI is the leading drone manufacturer, existing on the market in current times. The enterprise captures up to 80 percent of the general sales in its category. DJI produces upscale drones and no one will doubt in the quality of its UAVS and other equipment.

It is not hard to create a drone which can fly; lots of hobbyists from all over the globe share their experience of creating drones by themselves on thematic forums. Nevertheless, it is an issue to develop a high-quality drone, which can fly properly and have a good battery life. DJI succeeded in this area.

Analyzing the future drone, we can say that all features that will be added hinge on the trading and marketing strategy. It must be noted that the release of a new flying machine, packed with innovative features only, is too expensive. Just take a look at Phantom 4 Pro: this drone was released in 10 months after Phantom 4. A definite time period is needed to create a new version. Besides, the company dominates on the market. For that reason, they can hold up the development cycle.

What about the Roll-out Date of Phantom 5?

Some experts considered that the new drone will go on sale in autumn 2017. Nevertheless, we don’t see any new drones on the market today. To understand when to expect the new drone, let’s take a look at the release dates of the previous Phantoms.

Statistically, we see that new Phantom drones hit the market either at the beginning or at the end of the year. Due to the fact that the main consumer market is situated at the west, we can conclude that winter isn’t the best period for the release date.

Such drones as Phantom 3, 4 and 4 Advanced were released in April 2015, 2016 and 2017. Nevertheless, Phantom 2 and 4 hit the market in December and November. Analyzing these dates, we can say that the new and long-expected Phantom 5 will hit the market in April 2018. We want to repeat one more time that this is just guesswork; the company doesn’t give the official information.



What Features to Expect from the New Drone?

Let’s take a look at the main specifications that probably, the new Phantom will have.

Design of a Drone

Experts consider that the design of a new UAV will not differ greatly from the previous models. Some forum users think that the new model will have retractable landing gears. Maybe, the new drone will have foldable props. This will conduce to much faster deployments and easier transportation.

Average Price

It is difficult to analyze the future price of an UAV, which hasn’t yet hit the market, but we can suppose the new Phantom 5 will cost $1,200 or 1,500. Advanced or Standard models will be cheaper.


Phantom 4 Pro has one of the coolest cameras on the market. Nevertheless, the new drone must be better. It seems like it is impossible to add a camera which is better than 4K/60. The main reason is that it will need more processing power. Yet still, some experts consider that the new Phantom 5 camera will have the following characteristics – 5.2K/30.

It will be also great if the new drone has a 2-3x built-in zoom. It would be a worthy innovation!

dji phantom 5
dji phantom 4

Average Battery Life

There are lots of talks on forums that there is no need to wait for magical results and much longer flight time. It is useless to expect that lithium batteries will be able to provide a drone with too long flight time.

Flight Time and Average Speed

Experts don’t expect any substantial increase of the speed. Longer flight time needs the installation of larger propellers. The existing models can fly up to 25 minutes. This time will not be drastically changed until the company makes a decision to change the overall design of their flying machines.


It seems like the new Phantom will undergo significant improvements in this area. There are rumors that DJI will add an upward sensor as the Inspire 2 has.

What to Say in Conclusion

DJI is the most innovative company in the world. So, all the above-mentioned predictions may seem to be wrong. The company will definitely surprise its customers by adding some innovative features. All Phantom drones are deemed to be solid and high-quality performers. Nevertheless, the seasoned and professional pilots are always looking for the new options!

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