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The Best Flight Tips to Make Your Drone Footage More Cinematic

Today, you won’t surprise anyone with the drone footage because the drone market offers more and more affordable drones. However, there’s one thing which should be considered – we all can buy drones but not each of us can create top-quality drone footage.

There are countless obstacles that can limit you: the flight time, the time of the day, the wind, the battery life etc. All these things don’t allow you to create a cinematic masterpiece. If you want to be a professional drone photographer who wants to sell photos, check this insightful review out. This information will help you enhance your photographing skills.

  • Avoid Making Too Much of Movements. Some pilots used to jerk their camera left and right. They do this rapidly, trying to make a few photos from different locations simultaneously. However, this approach is absolutely wrong. Your goal is to make as smooth movements as possible.
  • Fly Past Natural Objects. If you want to make smooth and attractive aerial footage, try to fly closer to big landscapes. We mean rocks, mountains, trees, etc. Try to fly to them closer (but choose a safe distance) and make your photos. As a result, you’ll add motion to your footage.
  • Play It Safe. Keep in mind that the footage quality will be better if you roll on the screen longer. Try to make long and coasting images which last longer than 1-3 seconds. Remember one simple rule – too quick movements disorient you and influence the image quality (unfortunately, not for the better).
  • Fly Backward. When your aircraft moves backward, it shows such details as trees, houses, people etc. Besides, when you fly backward, the flying machine will change the mode – from an establishing shot to a reveal. The drone will be focused on a few objects. The speed duration tool will reverse your footage.
  • Use the Vertigo Effect. It will help make your footage deeper and add some sense to your photos. Simply put, you’ll be able to make aerial masterpieces that are more than ordinary photos. To use this tool, you shouldn’t have some special skills. It is as easy as shelling peas.
  • Choose Nice Day Time. Try to wake up earlier than before and capture a sunrise and low fog.
  • Post Production. Cropping is an incredible tool allowing you to make the quality of your footage better. Sometimes, reshooting is impossible but we all are humans and we all can make mistakes. Even if you feel like the quality of this particular image is perfect but you accidentally shot yourself or your equipment, you can easily crop it out. 
  • Grading and Correction of Colors. This is an inseparable part of any post-production stage. Unfortunately, you can’t use one common rule which can be applied in absolutely any situation. In such a scenario, too much depends on the effect you want to achieve. The colors usually vary depending on the tone of your movie.Professional pilots sell various presets using which your photos will turn into masterpieces.
  • You Need More than 1 battery. Do not spare the battery for Time Lapse, because this format becoming more and more popular. 
  • Promote Yourself. Implement these tips the next time when you will be flying your drone. We are sure, the footage quality will definitely be better! Next Step is sharing your shots to your social media with popular hashtags. Share your content with popular Instagram Pages with 10.000-200.000 subscribers. 

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