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GCAA Updated Flying Zones in the UAE

Three days ago, GCAA updated the flying zones in the UAE. Now, all pilots have more places to fly their drones. As compared to the previous map, we can see that the number of allowed zones is increased. Therefore, you have more place to fly your drone in the UAE cities. Mind that in the UAE you aren’t allowed to fly a drone where you want. You have to strictly follow the GCAA Rules

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To find out more about the allowed flying zones, you should download “My Drone Hub” application, which is developed specifically for the citizens of the Emirates. It is an all-in-one app developed by GCAA for the users of UAS/RPAS /Drone in UAE. Its key mission is to inform and assist all pilots using their drones in compliance with the aviation safety regulations.

All in all, pilots in the Emirates have more chances to make more incredible footage and do not forget “Safety Tips with your drone”!


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