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DJI Ronin 2: Review about the Prominent Features of the New Stabilizing Camera Gimbal


Recently, the best drone manufacturer DJI presented one of its latest achievements – DJI Ronin 2. In this review, we will analyze this device and try to determine all its pros and cons. This DJI Ronin 2 review will help everyone interested find out in what area this thing can be applied. Yet still, we will also analyze DJI Ronin 2 functionality for you to understand the significance of this device.

What is DJI Ronin 2?

Experts call this device a monster. It is difficult not to agree with this statement because it really looks like a powerful movie-making machine. The prime target of this machine is to help movie makers capture any scene they want. DJI developers confessed that many customers’ testimonials helped them in designing this model.

DJI Ronin2 isn’t lightweight – 13,6 kg. Nevertheless, it is not for handheld work. So, this weight is not a problem.


The Overview of the Functionality

This particular model has enhanced high torture motors that allow users to support many cameras.

Analyzing DJI Ronin 2 compatibility, it stands to mention that this model is compatible with drones, cable cams, Steadicams, etc. The device is endowed with the newly designed detachable Grip. The overarching aim of this enhancement is to allow Ronin 2 to stand up on its own. Besides, when the lower part of the hand in not required, one can separate it.

One more benefit is usability. Ronin 2 is very easy to use. Balancing, powerful accessories and tuning were refined.

Improved intelligence is one more enhancement which must be mentioned. Through the use of this model, all filmmakers can get incredible shots. Earlier, to achieve the same result additional equipment was needed. These days, everything is much easier.

One more crucially important thing about Ronin 2 is the integration of power systems into this device. Dangling cables aren’t required anymore. DJI Ronin 2 has the installed dual battery system, allowing movie makers to hot swap in order to keep the camera powered. This is an excellent enhancement because it allows maximizing the shooting time. Besides, the new design has lots of benefits – now, the shooting time doesn’t depend on the weather conditions. All cables are hidden inside.

Developing DJI Ronin 2, the company-manufacturer turned attention to the reliability of the device. Each element was created with the aim to enhance reliability and improve the performance of filmmakers.


Where to Buy DJI Ronin 2?

As soon as this stabilizing camera gimbal hits the market, you can buy DJI Ronin 2 from our online store, Aeromotus. We are the official DJI dealer, offering for sale the products of this company. You will know the exact DJI Ronin 2 price as soon as this device will be presented for sale.

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