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Overview of the Best IP Rating Drones

In the intervening years, drones have passed a very long way from being costly UAVs that weren’t available to anyone to more affordable consumer-friendly tools to any taste and budget. We may say the same about their range of options that is also broader now. Many years ago, drones were fragile crafts that could easily be damaged by water or wind. Aeromotus recommends you read the article with IP rating table.

Today, the situation has changed for the better. Now, we have a wide array of drones that can resist moisture and perform their operations during any weather conditions. So get comfortable and have a look!

DJI M200 Series

It goes without saying that these powerful flying machines aren’t meant for flying under water. Nevertheless, you can fly these drones in spritzing rain (it has an IP43 protection rating). There are a few rules that you must always follow if it happens that you need to fly in the drizzling rain:

  • Never fold its arms when it is raining;
  • Never use your aircraft if the amount of rainfall is more than 10 mm per day;
  • Monitor the level of drone inclination when flying; it shouldn’t be more than ±30°;
  • Check battery pots and surfaces; they must be dry.
dji m200 under rain

DJI Matrice 300

This drone offers stability and unparalleled performance, even when the weather conditions are far from perfect. Its IP rating is 45; this means that the drone is properly protected against a solid object greater than 1mm and protected against jets of water, limited ingress permitted. Today, DJI Matrice 300 is a new standard for the industry of commercial drones. Here’s a list of the main benefits of this powerful flying machine:

  • Unprecedented agility and maneuverability, even in extremely high winds;
  • Pilots can fly with confidence due to six direction dual visual sensors and dual Time-of-Flight sensors;
  • The drone is powered by DJI’s best capacity batteries. Two batteries enable the drone to hover for 50 minutes.
  • Redundancies that guarantee safety in case of damage;
  • Triple gimbal support (the drone can leverage two payloads);
  • OcuSync Enterprise;
  • Primary Flight Display.

Parrot Anafi USA

It’s a portable, safe and durable aerial camera platform that comes with a variety of excellent imaging options. The drone comes with the 32x zoom, designed around two 21-megapixel cameras. Thanks to these features, operators can see details clearly from five kilometers away. It takes less than one minute to unfold the drone and take it off. 

The average flight time is 32 minutes, but the drone has decent endurance. It’s portable, small, but very powerful. The IP rating of this flying machine is 53. Protection from 4 micron dust particles and from a water spray.

DJI Agras 16

It’s a well-known agricultural drone that is tolerant to water and has a high tolerance to dust. The protection level of this flying machine is IP54. This means that it is highly protected against dust and water splashes. However, the protection level of spray control, aerial-electronics and propulsion electronic stability systems is even higher – IP67. Dust tight, no ingress of dust 2 to 8 hours. Protected against vertically falling drops of Protection against the effects of immersion in water between 15 cm and 1 m for 30 minutes.

SwellPro Splash Drone 3

The developers of this flying machine did wonders. They managed to manufacture a high-quality drone that can submerge under water and make fantastic footage. The drone features a 4K camera with 2-axis gimbal, and both resist moisture. This flying machine operates stable and fast. It is empowered with rock-solid controls. The main benefits of this drone are as follows:

  • A robust waterproof 4K camera;
  • A wide array of various shooting features;
  • A payload of 1000g;
  • A solid control range;
  • The average speed of 57 km/h.

However, its flying time is 16 minutes. Moreover, it is a little bit pricey.

Goolskey Poseidon-480

It is a high-capacity aircraft that scores IP67 waterproof certificate. This means that this drone can survive in any weather conditions; you can use it even after being soaked in the water for more than eight hours! The other benefits are high wind resistance and the capability to carry a 1200g payload!

Overall, it’s a powerful tool that can deliver heavy objects across water surfaces even when the weather is rainy. The drone is equipped with durable plastic shells and responsive controls. All this guarantees smooth flight experience.

waterproof drone

Poseidon is also empowered with 4500mah Lipo battery that allows users to keep the flying machine in the air for 25 minutes! For operating the unit, a powerful controller with a 7-inch display is used.

HexH20 Pro V2

Being a folding hexacopter with a powerful 4K camera, this drone also allows you to perform various operations in the sky. By the way, HexH20 Pro V2 is based on DJI components, including Zenmuse X3 camera, controller, and Lightbridge radios. Moreover, users of this UAV can fly it using the DJI Go app. This powerful drone allows you to land on or take off the waves. The quality of photography is the same as DJI Inspire produces.

The price of this powerful, water-resistant drone starts at $1995. However, you should also buy the Zenmuse camera, flight controller and tablet separately. Overall, you’ll pay more than $8,000. But, if you need a high-quality water-resistant drone, this investment is worth it.


It’s a submarine drone with a camera. It can fly in any type of water and has a fifty-meter cable, 4K camera, and an FPV headset that enables you to view what you are recording. The drone has a 4K UHD camera that allows filmmakers to shoot high-quality content for movies under water. The drone also features 2 horizontal thrusters and 1 vertical thruster. They will enable the machine to swim freely in still water. The diving time is up to four hours.

The starting price of PowerRay is $1,400, but the drone is worth its money.

Tetra Drones Tetra

This drone is built by British scientists. It’s a multi-featured submersible flying machine that can tilt its propellers forward when it is necessary to move through the water. The drone supports a GoPro or any other similar small camera that is usually placed behind a glass bubble.

Overall, if you want to fly in the rain or you buy drones for security operations, you should always check its IP rating. The higher it is, the better the protection.

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