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Great News from DJI – the New Presentation on May 24th, 2017!

We have great news to each of you who is waiting for the latest news from DJI – the leading drone technology developer. This company has just announced about the new event under the slogan “Seize the Moment”. The company launched the new presentation video on the official web pages on Facebook, Instagram and other resources. Many DJI forums are in expectation of anything new and interesting.

Where is the event going to take place? 

New York! Recently, the company sent invitations to media for their event on May 24th. Nevertheless, the main thing is that no one knows what to expect, what device the company is going to present. The email from the company doesn’t contain any clues. No one guesses what to expect. This is the most mysterious release of the company.

Nevertheless, DJI offers each of you to “seize the moment”. The video presentation is bright and very fascinating.

Rumors around the news from DJI

Millions of fans of this company continue guessing what the company is going to launch. Many users of DJI forums try to find the answer and compile the information about this event.

Some of them consider that this will be the smallest consumer-facing drone the Spark. Several weeks ago the information about this unit appeared on different websites. The company couldn’t prevent the information leakage and thousands of fans from all over the globe knew about this drone model.

The new Spark hits the market!

Images of the Spark appeared on Chinese forums first. More weight to this rumor was added by the fact that DJI recently trademarked this name. If to believe the rumors, the new Spark has very similar design as other DJI drones have. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that the company will not surprise you. DJI created the reputation of fairly stable drones but it doesn’t mean that the company can’t develop anything new.

The approximate weight if the new Spark is 190 gr. This weight is without a battery. So, when it is full functioned, the weight will be 250 gr. The motors are very similar to Mavic, but they are a little bit smaller. The internal structure is also compact. A special black bar above the camera may contain four IR obstacle avoidance sensors. The camera also comes with an IR sensor.

Reviewing against its predecessor Mavic, the Spark is 25% smaller. It is also endowed with small arms. Besides, they are thicker than the arms of Mavic.

If to believe the rumors, this model is meant for an FPV capable racers because of the functionality to shoot 4k video. Besides, fans of DJI products believe that the general amount of all features will be similar to Phantom series. Nevertheless, the Spark is relatively smaller and more portable.

What else to expect?

Except for the opinions that DJI is going to present the new Spark, some customers have other standpoints. DJI forums are chatting about such rumors as the new Phantom 5 release. Nevertheless, let’s be more serious about this issue. Phantom 4 was released several months ago. For that reason, it is too soon to release the new drone from this series.

Even if it could be the new drone from the Phantom series, we would see the data leak.

Besides, some people guess that it can be the new Mavic Pro 2. Nevertheless, we will know in several days what this is for sure. We will definitely publish this information in our blog on – the authorized DJI dealer in Dubai, allowing each person to buy DJI drones at the best price.

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