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Mavic Pro or Phantom 4? Which One is Better?

After the release of the Mavic Pro, many customers still argue which drone is better – the Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 (the latest drone in the Phantom series). In the previous article, we compared DJI Mavic and Spark. So, if you try to choose between these two drones, you can read this review.

These days, browsing the web in search of the information about Phantom you will be offered to choose the one from several models –  Phantom 4 Advanced or Phantom 4 Professional. The Mavic Pro is the only drone in its product line. So, if you are the one, who still can’t make a final buying decision, this review will help you decide between two alternatives.


So, let’s compare two the most popular UAVs on the drone market. We will analyze both drones according to several criteria.

Possible Flight Time

This criterion is one of the benefits of both drones. The flight time of Phantom 4 is around 30 minutes. The Mavic can fly up to 27 minutes. Yet still, these indexes are truthful only in case of perfect weather conditions. In sober fact, the real flight time is a little bit lower. Phantom 4 – 27 minutes, Mavic Pro – 22-25 minutes.

Wind Tests

At first gaze, it seems to be that the bigger the drone is, the better it can hold up in the wind. Yet still, this is not about both drones. After the wind testing, the drones showed excellent results.

As for the Phantom 4, this drone can drift up much more in high winds. As for the Mavic, it seems to be that this drone can hold its position much better.

Both drones came through the wind testing successfully. The only thing which must be mentioned is that the Phantom 4 has a higher top speed. It means that the drone can speed much better when flying in the wind.

Price for Accessories

This aspect is of major concern for many customers. As a rule, buying just one drone isn’t enough. You also need to buy an original bag to carry it and at least two additional batteries. Some pilots used to buy up to five batteries to only one drone. In doing so, they want to prolong the flight time. The price for the Mavic batteries is really lower as compared to the price for the Phantom batteries.

Analyzing all other accessories, like the charging hub or ND filters, Mavic’s ones are really cheaper. All in all, you can save up to $200 buying accessories to the Mavic.

Camera Characteristics

Both Phantom models (Pro and Advanced) are similar regarding the quality of images. Analyzing this aspect, Phantom’s camera really wins.

Below, we publish the table which will help you compare both cameras:

Mavic Pro

Common Features:

Focus control: yes

Aperture size: f/2.2

Max SD card size: 126GB

Sensor size: 1/2.3 inch

Phantom 4 (Pro, Advanced)

Common Features:

Focus control: yes

Aperture size: f/2.8 – f/11

Max SD card size: 126GB (tested)

Sensor size: 1 inch
It doesn’t mean that the Mavic’s camera is worse. For a major type of customers, this camera is really great. Yet still, Phantom wins due to such characteristics as a faster image processor, a mechanical shutter, a larger image sensor and a full aperture control.

The Mavic Pro is endowed with the new camera and smaller gimbal design.

The Low Light Performance

If your overarching goal, is to choose a drone which is perfect for shooting at low light then you need Phantom 4. The quality of images shot by the Phantom at low light is much better than the quality of images, taken by the  Mavic.

Field of View

Here, Phantom 4 also wins because this drone has much better field-of-view. Looking at the images, made with the help of the Mavic Pro, it seems to be that they are made with a 28mm lens. The lens of Phantom 4 (Pro and Advanced) are 5.2 degrees wider than the lens of Mavic. Yet still, this difference is inconspicuous and this criterion doesn’t influence the image quality too much.


This aspect should definitely be taken into consideration.  Analyzing the cameras’ of the Mavic Pro and the Phantom 4 Pro and Advanced, all drones aren’t endowed with a fixed focus lens as the original Phantom 4 has. For that reason, users are made to tap the part of the photo that must be in focus with the help of DJI Go application.

Yet still focusing has its advantages and disadvantages. When you have this feature, you can easily focus on closer objects. The bad thing is that you need to remember about this. Otherwise, you risk getting blurry images.

Obstacle Avoidance

Both drones are endowed with the obstacle avoidance systems, Active Track and Tap Fly. It goes to show that these drones will not land until they feel that the area is safe enough.

The greatest benefit of Phantom 4 Pro, is that it has cameras on its back and infrared sensors on its sides. This feature gives you more confidence that you don’t risk crashing your drone.

DJI Goggles Compatibility

If you plan to buy DJI Goggles, you need to know one fact – DJI Goggles stream video wirelessly to the Mavic Pro. For that reason, users will be made to use a USB cable and an HDMI cable, if their prime objective is to use head tracking features.

If you want to use DJI Goggles with your Phantom 4, such features like head tracking or camera controls will not function.

Our Verdict

Having analyzed all benefits of both drones, you need to decide which drone to buy – DI Mavic Pro, DJI Phantom 4 Pro or Advanced. Yet still, we can give the following advice. If your overarching target is to get a high-quality camera and the drone size makes no matter for you, then you definitely should buy Phantom 4.

For the rest of the population, that just wish to obtain a portable drone for making aerial footage, Mavic Pro will be the best alternative. Buying DJI Mavic Pro, you will save up to $600 and get a super compact drone.

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