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You Have Finally Bought Your Drone, What to Do Now?


So, you have just bought your first drone! First, we want to congratulate you with this purchase because the drone is a really worthy thing. Before we start analyzing the principle purpose of the drone use, we want to give you several pieces of advice that will be very useful for each drone user – enthusiasts or professionals. Here, at, you can buy DJI drones at the best price. We are a reputable DJI dealer, offering for sale a number of DJI products. Right now you can look through the assortment of our products and buy DJI drones online.  Besides, you can choose a number of useful accessories that will help you make your aerial photos or videos more fascinating.

In sober fact, when people buy their first drones, the first thing they can think about sounds like this – now, I can take cool aerial shots or video footage. Nevertheless, except for this option, drones in Dubai or other countries can be used in different life spheres.

We see that the amount of drone sales is growing day by day. The fact that the average price for a good drone is $1000 doesn’t stop people.

The Ways Where We can Use Drones

 In sober fact, drones definitely changed the human point of view concerning the way how aerial shooting should be made. Nevertheless, there are many ways of using drones except for making photos. So, you, as the one who has just bought it, should be aware of these issues. We will publish them below, but first, let’s take a look at these creative ways of using drones. A man decided to celebrate Halloween and tied a Halloween ghoul ornament to the drone and entertained greatly! Look at the video below and you will agree, if you don’t know that this is a drone, you will also be scared.

Or take a look at this flame-throwing drone. Its prime objective is to roast turkeys.

Nevertheless, drones are widely used in the following areas:

  • Filmmaking (for making fascinating shots or videos from the sky).
  • Shipment of products.
  • Organ transportation.
  • Rescue activities.
  • Military forces.

Gradually drone developers create more convenient models that can be applied in different life spheres.

Recently, Edgybees company launched an excellent augmented reality game for DJI drones. If you are the one who wants to buy DJI drones in Dubai, welcome to

This game is not just for fun. Average drone users will definitely benefit playing it because it allows them to master their piloting skills. A fun and safe digital obstacle course allows them to do this.

Experts consider that regardless of the fact that now the drone function is limited, very soon people will be using them for many types of purposes, ranging from home security to food delivery.

The most inspiring purpose is the delivery of humanitarian relief to people who need it and can’t get it, people who live in war zones.

Nevertheless, these days, those individuals who are on the way of choosing a model, just want to hear more arguments whether they need to invest more than $1000 into so expensive toy or not. DJI thought about this issue. Together with Edgybees they managed to create the worthy Drone Prix application. This application opened a number of new creative possibilities. Besides, it inspired a number of other developers to build new exciting applications.


It also stands to mention that drones, developed by DJI (especially such series as Phantom or Mavic), are regarded to be the most successful and quality quadcopters on the market.

If to believe the customers’ feedback it stands to mention that the fact that drones can be applied in different, crucially important life spheres is definitely excellent. Nevertheless, many users are searching for more fun. They are waiting for the release of anything fun to use drones for. DJI together with Edgybees started the ball rolling.

These days, many drone manufacturers are searching for more possible uses for customers who aren’t engaged in the area of transportation or rescue activities. They are seeking for more purposes (sometimes even more fun) where drones can be used.



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