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A Drone as the Best Gift for this Father’s Day and Other Holidays


If you date a techie boyfriend or just searching for a cool and interesting present for your dad to gladden him on Father’s Day, you can buy a drone. This will be a great gift for your father on Father’s Day, an ideal alternative to boring presents your father used to receive from you or his relatives.

These days, the statistics data show that people in the USA buy drones more often, aiming to gift them to the dearest people. For instance, a drone-operator, Kevin Beckwith got a new drone from his wife for Father’s Day. In current times, drone flying takes most of his time. He takes a silver case with the DJI Phantom with him on an ongoing basis. When he got this present from his wife, he surprised how easy it was to fly. His dad was a pilot and he spent the major part of his childhood in the backseat of an airplane.

It stands to mention that he and his wife share the same hobby. It is impossible to fly in the airplane all the time when they want it, but flying drones is an ideal hobby for both of them.

The modern drone market is developing rapidly. Each day, new models hit the market. Recently DJI, the leading drone manufacturer, released the new Spark, the smallest selfie drone among all other DJI drones. Its average price is around $500. It is small, so takes less place in a bag or backpack. This drone can be an ideal gift for any person. The greatest advantage is that the person who will receive this present will definitely be happy.


If your dad knows everything about drones and already owns several models, you can gladden him with a newly released DJI accessory – DJI Goggles. This is a great thing allowing you to look at the world from the sky. This will be an absolutely new experience for each pilot.


Furthermore, if your daddy is engaged in agriculture, you may also gift a drone which can spray crops. For this purpose, DJI offers Agras MG-1 – the best drone for precision farming.

A Few of Statistics Data

In sober fact, more and more people choose UAVs as a gift for the dearest people. According to the statistics data, 325,000 of drones were registered in the USA. FAA makes all drone hobbyists and professional pilots register all drones with the weight between 0.55 pounds and 55pounds. Furthermore, if you buy a drone with a commercial purpose, you also need to register your aircraft. Besides, if you crash your drone, no one but you will be responsible for the caused damage.

Drone sales also grow at the velocity of sound. By 2020, experts consider that the drone sales will increase up to 7 million in the USA.

Several Tips for New Drone Operators

These tips will be useful for those who just plan to buy a drone and are searching for the useful information for the new pilots:

  • Your drone must have a registration number.
  • Before each flight, make sure you are allowed to fly wherever you are.
  • Never fly near airports, above stadiums and groups of people.
  • Try to keep your drone within your eyesight.
  • Don’t forget that professional drones have GPS built in, and this doesn’t allow them to fly in restricted zones.

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