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The Best Family Car Nissan X-Trail Comes with a Drone Now

If you are the one who adores family trips and you like shooting your trips, you will definitely appreciate thenew offer from Nissan. In 2017, Nissan made an excellent gift to all its customers. Buying a car, you willreceive a drone too.


The company manufacturer considers this car to be the most appropriate family vehicle in the world. Besides, the amount of such cars will also be limitedonly 1200 models. One can obtain it in the majority of European countries.

The new Nissan X-Trail X-Scape comes with a Parrot Bebop 2 drone. The average price for this quadcopter is $550. The device has a 14-megapixel camera, which can easily film in 1080p. Besides, the device has a powerful battery which works on a single charge for almost 30 minutes. The drone speed is 13 mph verticallyand 37mph horizontally.

This is not just an ordinary cheap drone. It makes boast of a high performance and supports theFollow me” technology. It means that the device can easily capture the vehicle using GPS. Besides, it has the feature of a remote control and headset for the first-person views. Buying the car in a combination with a drone, you willbe able to make videos while driving a car.

The weight of a drone is only 500 gr. For that reason, you can take it everywhere (the drone doesn’t takemuch space). When the car hits the market, it will be equipped with a single engine, which has a 1,6-liter diesel. Yet still, the car is equipped with the good safety system, autonomous emergency braking, heatedseats and even lane departure warning.

As you see, this is a lucrative offer! Buying this car, you will definitely obtain an ideal combination of convenience, luxury, and power! A Parrot Bebop 2 drone will let you make your family trips unforgettable!

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