AgEagle Announces Launch of MicaSense’s Altum-PT

An Optimized 3-in-1 Sensor Integrating Ultra-High Resolution, Panchromatic Imaging and Thermal Imaging to Provide Unlimited Analytical Capabilities at Leaf-Level Resolution

WICHITA, Kan & SEATTLE – November 8,  2021 – (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –  AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc. (NYSE American: UAVS) (“AgEagle” or the “Company”), an industry-leading provider of full-stack drone, sensor and software solutions, today announced the launch of MicaSense’s most pioneering drone sensor innovation, to date: Altum-PT.

MicaSense, an AgEagle company, has earned a respected reputation worldwide for delivering many of the drone industry’s most dynamic, high performance multispectral imaging solutions which have become vital to the Agriculture, Plant Research, Land Management and Forestry industries. Altum-PT is an optimized three-in-one solution for advanced remote sensing and agricultural research. It seamlessly integrates an ultra-high resolution panchromatic  imager, a built-in 320X256 radiometric thermal imager and five discrete spectral bands to produce synchronized outputs such as RGB color, crop vigor, heat maps and high resolution panchromatic in just one flight. Offering twice the spatial resolution of the prior Altum™ sensor,  Altum-PT  will empower users with deeper analytical capabilities and broader, more diverse applications; enable them to discern issues at the plant level, even in the early growth stages; and conduct early stage stand counting, as well as season-long soil monitoring, among other critical uses.

“In our agronomic research, high spatial resolution of multispectral data is critical,” stated Associate Professor Andries Potgieter of the Centre for Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation. “In the past, we’ve flown at very low altitudes to achieve the needed ground sample distance, or GSD. With the GSD capabilities through the pan-sharpening of the Altum-PT, our data collection efforts will be significantly streamlined. Having higher resolution thermal data from the Altum-PT will also be relevant to enhanced accuracy when determining the impact of abiotic and biotic stresses on crop performance at plant, canopy and field levels across different environments.”

MicaSense’s Vice President of Research and Development, Justin McAllister, added, 

“The top-of-the-line Altum has been one of MicaSense’s best selling sensors for professional-grade agriculture drone mapping since it was first introduced in 2018. Based on customer feedback and evolving industry needs, we have engineered the Altum-PT to be even better. Its enhanced, patented thermal calibration technologies guarantee the most accurate thermal maps available – over two times better than Altum, opening the door to highly advanced research applications and even more pronounced user benefits.”

Commenting on the new product launch, Brandon Torres Declet, AgEagle’s Chief Executive Officer, said,

“We are very proud of the success we have achieved through market adoption of our legacy products and are excited about again raising the bar on drone sensor excellence  through our newest market entrants, RedEdge-P and now the Altum-PT. Both sensors represent revolutionary leaps forward in multispectral technology and should serve to fuel even greater future growth for our Company moving forward. With global distribution in over 70 countries worldwide, we are pleased to provide our valued customers with the tools they require to achieve their respective objectives through our novel advancements in drone sensors and their expanding applications.”

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