Yuneec RTK Upgrade Kit


Upgrade your current Yuneec H520 to the H520 RTK. 
The Yuneec H520 commercial hexacopter will now come with one of the fastest and most reliable RTK systems on the planet. This groundbreaking technology was developed by the award-winning company Fixposition in Switzerland and is fully integrated into the H520 to ensure the highest precision and the fastest possible operational readiness even under difficult GPS conditions found in areas like canyons, cities and forests. With Real Time Kinematics satellite navigation the Yuneec H520 RTK will stand in the air with centimeter accuracy, enabling ultra precise, repetitive photos, faster 3D mapping and more accurate, and automated inspection flights.

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Available as a complete system or as an upgrade

The H520 RTK will not only be available as a complete system – your existing H520 can also be upgraded by our service team to a RTK version, with the same technical features as the complete system.

– Fully integrated to YUNEEC H520
– Compatible with all existing Yuneec H520 camera payloads
– Faster and more precise mapping (e.g. complex surveying, inspections, mapping, 3D displays)
– RTK (Real Time Kinematic) module for high accuracy relative positioning: 1 cm + ppm horizontal / 1.5 cm + ppm vertical
– Keep cm precision in even GNSS challenging environment (e.g. between high buildings)
– 5 Hz update rate of position, velocity and time
– Support signals of up to 3 GNSS constellations among GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou
– All data including raw GNSS data and real time solution can be stored on board – ready for PPK (Post Processed Kinematics)
– Network RTK or Base Station needed
– RTK module available separately or in combination with the H520 (The separate purchase of the module requires professional installation by the Yuneec service team)

The system works with two components, the RTK module on board the Yuneec H520 and a base station. In under 30 seconds the Yuneec H520 RTK can reach centimeter-level accuracy – even while operating in challenging GPS conditions (with respect to the base station). The system can also be operated with a network RTK reference station (Network RTK through third party provider, needs an internet connection, additional fees may apply) for absolute global centimeter-level accuracy in the event you don’t want to use a base station,

The Yuneec H520 RTK system is an important part of commercial applications where the highest precision is required. Using the H520 RTK while 3D mapping will provide significantly lower image overlaps which means using less photos, resulting in a shorter flight. In addition, inspections can be much closer to the desired object because the drone’s location will be precise down to the centimeter. This precision is also a great advantage when comparing several images taken on different days, for example to document a construction progress.
The RTK module allows for precise positioning, even in challenging environments and is fully integrated into the H520’s hardware and software. This means that you still have the full range of functions of the award-winning DataPilot software. All data, including raw GNSS data, can be logged on board. Thus, the system is also already for PPK (Post Processed Kinematics).

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