Yuneec H520 RTF + 2 batteries


-Up to 30 minutes of battery life
-Completely revised electronic
-High visibility orange color
-3 compatible cameras: E50 and E90, OMC and
-Return video HD 720 p

1,124$ 1,769$(VAT included)

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Yuneec H520
Hexacopter for professional use

Important note: This drone Yuneec is sold without the E50 and E90, CGO and cameras. (available in accessories)

-Up to 30 minutes of battery life
-Completely revised electronic
-High visibility orange color
-3 compatible cameras: E50 and E90, OMC and
-Return video HD 720 p
-No No Fly Zone

Commercial air solution

The H520 is a hexacopter that was developed for commercial use. Him sUAS is the perfect solution for a long flight and a proven and robust technology in an all-in-one package. SUAS them of Yuneec are designed for applications, inspection, enforcement of the law, security, construction, surveying and mapping, and also offer payload for film imaging systems.

Built for industrial applications

SUAS they commercial Yuneec is designed for inspection industry, with systems with six rotors that allow a stable and accurate, flight length lenses long focal length that allows to the sUAS of fly at a greater distance of an object and a storage data that can be shared instantly from the ground station or delivered directly as a 4 K video ST16S / 2 K/HD or 20 Mp still images.

Reliable, stable and precise

Even in windy environments, the system sUAS H520 of Yuneec can maintain its position, allowing the solution to fly even when an inspection by a human being is considered to be dangerous. Exclusive control over flight speed provides the slowest speed above hover, for maximum accuracy in challenging environments.

Payload with trade hot options

All our cameras of series E and CGOET allow exchanges to warm on our platforms sUAS, which allows to save a lot of time without having to power off and restart the UAS system. It also lets you ensure the consistency of the data storage, rather than using several devices and storage locations.  Whether it’s thermal imaging, long focal length, or long focal length data acquisition, memory cards can be exchanged from one device to the other.

Camera E90

The E90 camera is a wide-angle high-resolution imaging system and stabilized by cardan, perfectly suited to applications requiring photos and high-quality videos.  The E90 uses a 20 MP 1 inch sensor and the latest image processing chip high-speed H2. The E90 is ideal for the enforcement of the law, such as the accident reconstruction, the search and rescue operations, and applications for 3D mapping/modeling.  In addition, the broadcast and production professionals will appreciate the spectacular aerial shots offered by the high frame rate and the accuracy of the colors of the E90.

E50 camera

The E50 camera is an imaging system high resolution, medium focal length, and stabilized by cardan, perfectly suited to inspection or cinema applications. The E50 uses an image sensor CMOS 1/2.3 inch high opening, able to capture still images with a resolution of 12 MP. The E50 is ideal for critical inspection of cell towers, wind turbines, oil and gas platforms, and other vertical elements. The equivalent focal length in 40 mm of the lens allows the E50 to capture important visual details while remaining at a safe distance from the asset. Broadcasting and production professionals will appreciate the film effect offered by the equivalent focal length in 40 mm of the main objective of the E50.

Camera CGOET

The CGOET is an innovative combination of a pod 3 axes, a thermal camera, and a camera high sensitivity. While the thermal camera measures the temperature of the image point by point and can, therefore, show the relative temperature differences, the camera RGB high sensitivity has a luminous sensitivity 20 times higher than the human eye and can still capture some exceptional images even in poor lighting conditions. Both images are broadcast simultaneously and live on the remote control and can be viewed separately, embedded as an image in the image or superimposed.

Controller all-in-one ST16S

The ground station ST16S is a complete transceiver that gives you total control over the H520 during the flight and allows users to capture pictures and videos with ease. With a large built-in 7-inch, Android-based the ST16S controller display images in real-time from your flight, thus eliminating the need for an external device. You can also use the ST16S as a mission Planner. Plan your flight using the touchscreen and run your mission by simply pressing a button.

Our DataPilot™ software system allows users to create effectively and consistently orthophoto maps, 3D scans, data imaging for crops, or film movements to flight paths Air repeatable and reminds.

Retractable landing gear

The H520 landing gear retracts to give you a full view at 360 ° of the world, in order to capture important data on the ground. This function also allows a smoother and more effective flight control.

Leverage the power of our SDK

Yuneec offers an SDK (Software Development Kit, SDK) that allows developers to harness the power of the hardware and software of Yuneec tools to users and software development teams. The Yuneec SDK is a set of software development tools that allows the creation of applications to harness the power of our series of UAS H520, which adds to a set of hardware and software robust.

YUNEEC UpdatePilot

Stay up to date with the YUNEEC UpdatePilot for the H520 and E90 camera. This application that allows you to check and automatically update your drone is available on the Google Store. Once the application is open, the Wifi network and the camera selected, you can search for the software updates in one click with the button “Check App Version”. You can also download and automatically install the latest update if necessary. Make sure the H520 الطائرة بدون طيار للصناعية  is turned on.



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