Thermal Camera With 50mm Lens

The PL-640L UAV infrared thermal imaging payload is developed by Keii. It can be easily and quickly installed on M210 V2 and M210 RTK  V2 UAVs, and seamlessly integrates with DJI’s image transmission flight control system

Product and solution

  1. 50mm motorized lens, can shoot long-distance targets;
  2. 25Hz frame rate, suitable for high-speed target shooting;
  3. Can record pictures and videos with temperature data;
  4. Various temperature measurement methods, pointing temperature measurement and multi-zone temperature measurement;
  5. Supporting special analysis software;


Weight: 650g Resolution: 640*480 Frame rate: 25Hz Lens: 50mm

Compatible drone Platform

M300RTK M200 series


Power line inspection Forest fire prevention


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