Stone UV34

Hand-held Corona camera with high sensitivity


The Stone UV34 is a hand-held high sensitivity solar blind corona camera, designed to be superior to those currently found in the market, having a small and light-weighted body and employing the latest new generation AI processor.

Different Configurations

1. Low power consumption fast scan mode: In this mode, the user can perform a fast scan of the are of interest. In case it finds a Corona discharge that exceeds a programmed value, the device will emit an alarm, notifying the operator that a Corona discharge has been spotted. 2. Controlled by the mobile APP mode: While in this mode, the user can connect the device to a mobile device through a specialized App (Via hot spot), therefore, being able to control it, stream the device source and save videos taken from the device. The display, EO camera, WiFi between another systems, are all turned off while in this mode, reducing the overall energy consumption. 3. Remote controlled mode: Using the mobile App, it is possible to remotely control the device zoom, UV colors, source color, alarm values, between other properties. All this without the necessity of being on the field.


This product combines multiple technologies such as VR, IoT and Cloud services, low-temperature lithium batteries technology, Low power consumption and the support of various operating modes. Therefore creating the ideal hand-held corona discharge detection system.

UV Corona camera
Resolution 720×480 FOV 19°× 14°
Wavelength 240-280nm Sensitivity 3×10-18 W/cm²
Focal lenght 4.9-49mm
EO camera
Wavelenght 480-780nm Resolution 1920×1080
Optical Zoom x10
Other information
Inspection distance 50m Red dot sight Supported
Buzzer Alarm Supported Color switching function Color/BW , UV 7 colors
Weight 1.4Kg Battery Endurance 3 hrs
Working temperature -20℃~50℃ IP Rating IP43

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