Four-in-One Fixed Rugged Camera (UV + IR + EO + ToF)


The RUG4in1 is a rugged equipment that is integrated by a high sensitivity solar blind corona camera, a IR camera, a wide EO camera and temperature and humidity sensors.

Application environment

This device can be used in Substation inspections, Fixed-point monitoring, Catenary vehicle inspection and other applications.


The RUG4in1’s case is created using 2 solid metal pieces join together, guaranteeing a high protection level to dust, water and other particles, being able to work under a variety of harsh environments. Its interior its equipped with protecting lining and more reinforcement technology, allowing it to work under vibrating and non-stable environments, in addition it uses aviation degree plugs in order to connect to the exterior.

UV Corona camera
Resolution 720×480 FOV 19°× 14°
Wavelength 240-280nm Sensitivity 3×10-18 W/cm²
IR camera
Wavelength 7μm-12μm Angle of View 17.5°× 14°
EO camera
Wavelenght 480-780nm Angle of view 22°× 14°
Other information
Inspection distance 50-100m Display frame rate 25Hz
Data connector RJ45 Temperature and humidity sensors Supported
Weight 1.6Kg Power source 12 VDC
Working temperature -20℃~50℃ IP Rating IP67

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