DJI Phantom 4 Pro+

All-new DJI Phantom camera with 1-inch 20MP Exmor R CMOS sensor, longer flight time and smarter features.
Flight time: 30 mins. Control range: 7 km. Speed: km/h. Video resolution: 4K 60fps. Sensor range: 30m. Obstacle sensing:5 direction.

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  1. Behzad W.

    I just wish to thank your online store for such a great opportunity to get a free training certificate as a bonus for buying Phantom4 Pro+ from your store. This is an excellent opportunity for me. Thanks a lot! I ordered two weeks ago. They delivered my parcel on time. Now, I am getting into the details of flying this fascinating drone. Thanks!

    Behzad W.

  2. Hakeem

    I really love DJI Phantom 4! This drone is definitely worth investment. Flying it, I’ve got an amazing experience. It is really amazing in the amount of technology behind. It is cool but rather bulky. I do wish I waited for the new Mavic Pro to come out before purchasing this drone. I needed more portable drone.But this is my mistake. Phantom 4 Pro captures amazing video footage!


  3. King 67

    I finally upgraded my Phantom 3 to Phantom 4 pro and I am happy about it! This drone gives me a delight to fly. I use it for one month and I have no concerns about its work. It is really cool. The only thing I noticed is that the flight time is less than promises for 5 minutes. , but this is not a problem for me.

    King 67

  4. Osman

    Thank you very much for great service and fast delivery. I was in Dubai for two weeks and I thought they will be in time for delivering my package on time. But I received my purchase even earlier than I expected. As for the drone itself, it is really great, I bought it because I needed a drone with a professional camera to capture real estate for sale. This drone fully complies with my demands.


  5. Ruhi

    Having used this drone for several months, I can finally leave a truthful review about its work. I can’t give 5 stars, but it doesn’t mean that I regret about my purchase. This drone is really great but still there are some shortcomings, you need to know about.
    So, first what was good:
    1. It is very east to fly. It doesn’t drift as cheap drones do and is endowed with solid shots.
    2. RAW video and Images.
    3. the existence of the sport mode. It is really very fun to fly in it.
    4. Perfect photo quality.
    5. User-friendly DJI Go App.
    6. Intelligent flight mode.
    So, now, what I didn’t like:
    1. Horizon leveling. As soon as you get your horizon calibrated, everything should be good. Nevertheless, when you need to make some adjustments in application, the horizon will change to level, but then it may “snap” back to skewed left or right and you can’t do anything. This is a real problem, but I hope it will be fixed in the future models.
    In any case, I like flying this drone.


  6. Timothy

    With the release of this drone, DJI outdone themselves. I tested this drone in different weather conditions, including even heavy wind and it came successfully through all tests. This drone is easier to fly as compared to the previous models, it is more intelligent and even more stable. Its speed is faster.
    Yet still, the decisive factor is the camera. Of course it cannot be compared to inspire but this is the best camera in the mass market.


Matrice 350 RTK

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GPR system: Radar Systems Zond Aero LF (low frequency)

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The concept is based on Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy. The laser emits light (spectral range of 1,65 μm), which reflects back and is captured by the sensor. The outgoing and incoming signals are compared with the built-in reference cell. If methane is present along the laser path, the laser light is partially absorbed. An algorithm calculates the gas concentration in ppm×m (parts per million multiplied by meter). The value is instantly transferred to the remote control (RC) of the drone pilot and to UgCS software.


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