FM-Aircam3 Five-lens Aerial Oblique Camera

Five-lens Aerial Oblique Camera for Cadastral survey, Urban planning, Security control, Ancient building protection,  Emergency command ,Earthwork calculation

Products and solutions

  • Integrated card slot: the memory cells are removable, unplug the memory card to export data.
  • One-key repair error button: If the camera exists any program errors, press the button to directly repair problems without returning to the factory.
  • Turbo cooling fan: 2 turbo fans, to meet the summer operation and no dust.
  • 6-in-1 high-speed data export module: export speed up to 300M/S, preprocessing time decreased by 90%.
  • DJI SkyPort: it synchronizes with M210 and M300 ground stations.



Cadastral survey
Urban planning
Security control
Ancient building protection Emergency command Earthwork calculation

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