DJI Multilink

Connect Inspire 2 and Cendence remote controls using DJI’s Multilink.

128$(VAT included)

Connect Inspire 2 and Cendence remote controls using DJI’s Multilink.

Slave controllers can be connected to Multilink, resulting in a star network with the master controller acting as the hub.Slave remotes can send commands through the master remote to the aircraft and receive live feeds from the aircraft itself.Multilink allows camera operators to focus on getting the perfect video or photo, while allowing one or two other pilots to control the aircraft.

The DJI Multilink has a theoretical max communication distance of 150m.

Geometrics MagArrow magnetometer

The MagArrow is engineered to simplify surveys that are difficult due to the various limitations of pilot-on-board surveys and ground surveys. The MagArrow is a robust yet flexible system that can adapt to changing field conditions and new user workflows. The MagArrow consists of an aerodynamic, light-weight carbon fiber shell with internal electronics including the MFAM™ magnetic sensors, GPS, and IMU. The MFAM™, a two sensor module inside the MagArrow is our most groundbreaking magnetometer yet, capable of highly precise measurements in an extremely lightweight and tiny package.


DJI RC PLUS   DJI RC Plus is the first DJI controller developed specifically for public safety teams, inspection crews, and commercial drone pilots.   BUILT-IN SCREEN   DJI RC


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