Compound UV20

Four-in-One Inspections (UV + IR + EO + ToF)


The four-in-one payload (UV+UAV system) carries a UV sensor, an IR thermal imaging camera, a Zoom EO Camera, and a ToF sensor. Its UV sensor can detect ultraviolet sources, such as partial discharges or wildfires and has a consistent photon count value that guarantees that the readings in every inspection will always be consistent and unaffected, no matter the UV gain or zoom (within the operation distance, usually 15-20m ). It is also worth pointing that the camera is “blind” to the UV radiation coming from the sun, allowing only the relevant UV radiation to pass though the sensor.

Two measurements – one screen

The camera has two different modes in which it can display the UV radiation source: 1.UV + IR : Allowing thermal imaging 2.UV + EO: Allowing Zoom The UV sensor has a very high accuracy (with an error below 15%) and provides a consistent photon count value, displaying a very close approximation of the actual UV intensity value.


This ZQ product can detect UV sources, measure temperature and even measure the distance between the target and the payload. Therefore, providing an all-in-one solution that reduces the overall inspection workload.

Overall information
Weight 850g Protection Level IP45
Another instrumentation Thermometer, humidity sensor Maximum memory capacity 128 GB microSD
UV Corona camera
Resolution 720×576 FOV 17.5°× 14.4°
Wavelength 240-280nm Sensitivity 3×10-18 W/cm²
Aperture 20
IR camera
(NETD) ≤50mK @ f/1.0 25℃ Temperature measure scope -20℃ – 150℃
Resolution 640×512 FOV 47.1°× 38.5°
Wavelength 8μm-14μm Spatial resolution 1.364mrad
Focal length 13mm Pixel spacing 12μm
ToF Rangefinder
Distance 45m Wavelength 850nm
EO camera
Resolution 3264×2448 Effective pixels 8Mpx
FOV 9°-52° Optical zoom 10x
Sensor size 1/3 inches Pixel size 1.5μm
Model DJI X-Port Stable system 3 Axis(bend and lift,transverse,translation)
Angle movement ±0.01° Movement scope bend and lift:-120°- +30° translation:±320°

Datasheet Compound UV20

DJI Zenmuse L2 (LiDAR)
  • High Precision
  • Exceptional Efficiency
  • Superior Penetration
  • 250m/450m Detection Range
  • 5 Returns
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Point Cloud LiveView
  • One-Click Processing on DJI Terra

The PSDK load can be fixed to the M30 series flight platform, and different types of PSDK loads can be quickly removed and replaced.


The FC30 EQUIPPED WITH A THREE-LOAD SUPPORT is designed for the DJI FlyCart 30 carrier and can support up to three ET4 FOUR DROP KIT at the same time, achieving 12-stage drops with a maximum payload of 120kg.


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