Compound IR9T

640×512 IR Thermal camera 9mm + Temperature reading


Compound: IR9T dual-spectrum infrared intelligent payload, uses a fully enclosed body structure design, equipped with a 640×512 thermal imaging system and an 8Mpx zoom camera with a 10x optical zoom.

Day and night inspection

By integrating the drone’s flight points to the UAV is capable of performing autonomous IR inspections even during night-time.


The IR9T is designed to provide a light IR payload, cappable of achieving any traditional inspection task.

IR Camera
Thermal imaging sensor Uncooled vanadium oxide infrared focal plane detector
Resolution 640×512
FOV 47.1°×38.5°
Focal length 8.8mm
Wavelength 8μm-14μm
Pixel spacing 12μm
Temperature measurement method On point, on line, area analysis
EO camera
Resolution 3264×2448
Effective pixels 8Mpx
Optical Zoom 10x
FOV 9°~52°
Stable system 3 Axis(bend and lift,transverse,translation)
Angle movement ±0.01°
Weight 630g
Power consumption 10W
Protection rate IP45

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