Compound IR19T

1280×1024 High-Resolution IR Thermal camera 19mm


The IR19T model is a high-resolution infrared camera equipped with an 8Mpx EO zoom camera (x10). It is the most advanced IR payload in field so far. Its thermal imaging resolution is 1280×1024 ( 400% times better than any existing IR Payload in the market ).

No problem is too big!

Thanks to the higher resolution of its IR camera, the IR19T allow broader and more complete inspections, covering a greater area than any traditional IR payloads. For example: the insulators on a transmission line of ±800kV are approximately 11m long. Using the traditional inspection, an operator might need to take several pictures to cover the whole line. Nevertheless, if the operator employs the ZQ Photoelectric solution, He could perform “one-shot” inspections, covering the entire transmission line with a single picture.


Current infrared inspection systems employ resolutions below 640×512. However, The ZQ IR camera resolution is 1280×1024, making it 400% better than any existing system. The user can perform inspections at greater distances and cover larger areas than with any other solution currently in the market. It also has an 8MP zoom EO camera, therefore providing the user with all the necessary tools to perform an efficient and quick inspection.

IR Camera
Resolution 1280×1040
FOV 44°×35.8°
Focal length 19mm
Wavelength 8μm-14μm
Temperature measurement method On point, on line, area analysis
EO camera
Resolution 3264×2448
Effective pixels 8Mpx
Optical Zoom 10x
FOV 9°~52°
Stable system 3 Axis(bend and lift,transverse,translation)
Angle movement ±0.01°
Weight 870g
Power consumption 12W
Protection rate IP45

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