Compound GZ-640K

Micro infrared payload for UAV 640×480


The compound GZ-640K is an IR payload designed for light drones, it is equipped with a Lightweight 640×512 thermal imaging camera with a Temperature resolution of 50mk, a temperature measurement range of -20~150℃, and a temperature measurement accuracy of ±2℃ .

Specially designed for light drones

The Compound GZ-640K was specially designed for light drones (≤0.86kg) and its control software was developed based on DJI PSDK, making this payload suitable for the DJI M300 UAV. It has a 50mm lightweight motorized lens that can detect targets from long distances.


The Compound GZ-640K has a 16bits full dynamic accurate temperature measurement and video recording systems. The system also counts with a dynamic temperature color display adjustment system, therefore providing a comprehensive and Intelligent IR measurement system.

IR Camera
Resolution 640×480
FOV 12°x9°
Thermal sensitivity 50mk@30℃
Frame rate 30Hz
Temperature measurement range -20℃ to 150℃
Accuracy ±2℃ or about 2% the read value
IR Video 16-bit data for post-analysis
Spatial resolution 0.34mrad
Minimum variable temperature difference 0.6℃
GPS information Supported
Level gradient adjustment Supported
Focus method Automatic and electric
Digital zoom (x1 – x8) Electric Zoom
Number of gimbal axes 3

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