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The Winners of Our Competition “How You Make Your Life More Colorful Using Drones”

As you probably know we were holding the contest under the slogan “How You Make Your Life More Colorful Using Drones” from 02 April to 30 April. The overriding goal of this competition was to allow everyone interested to create incredible videos using drones, smartphones or other cameras. Each participant should create awesome videos about the brightest moments of their lives. One could use any ideas – the video should be interesting and fascinating.


There was no restriction concerning the drone use. Competitors had a chance to shoot videos using any drone model. Having coped with this assignment they had to download the video to their Instagram accounts. Each video clip, participating in the contest had to be unique. On that score, one couldn’t copy a video from the internet and present it as his work.

The contest prizes were amazing: 5 Osmo Mobile and 1 DJI Mavic Pro. The Grand Prize, DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone of 2016 year. Furthermore, this drone is empowered with high functionality and a plethora of other useful features. Now, we know the results of this competition and are ready to share them with you!

The first winner was Emmitremus with his fascinating video

This participant created a very bright video clip. Watching his video, which was shot with the help of a drone, we can see that this guy likes extreme feelings and adores extreme sports. The flyboard is the new extreme sport and not each person can learn how to operate them. This young man showed how he makes his life colorful and captures such events on video through the use of a drone. This video gave him an opportunity to win Osmo Mobile.


One more winner is the creator of this video . The Instagram user dxbdrone created a fascinating video clip, showing how drones can be useful during barbecue. Watch this video and see how to make barbecue with a drone more interesting.


Another winner, epicklf, created one more interesting video with the help of a drone. You can watch it, following the link This is an interesting video clip, showing how important it is to create your own stories each day. The life of each person is just one big adventure. We should learn how to notice the beauty in small details. Creating short videos every day, you just record your memories.


Last_bull shared his video and also became one of the winners. This video helped Last_bull to win Osmo Mobile from Aeromotus. This is just an incredible video clip showing the beauty of the nature. Drones help us see the beauty of our nature from the sky. This video clip is a bright example.


These days, we have seen lots of interesting video clips, created with the help of drones. Nevertheless, the participant with the nickname echoginphotography showed that there is one more purpose of the drone use – painting. The video clip was shot with the help of DJI Phantom 4. Follow the link and see this cool video clip


The main winner of our competition was the video clip, created by the Instagram user Shaheer._ Here, , you can see his video clip, created by a drone. The winner captured on video his fascinating trip to Dibba. We consider this video clip to be the best and the most creative one among all others. Shaheer._ won the main prize, DJI Mavic Pro.


We want to thank each person who took part in the competition from Aeromotus. All video clips were fascinating and creative. Nevertheless, the thing is that it is always necessary to choose. We selected 6 best video clips and awarded these participants with excellent prizes from our online store.

We plan holding one more competition in the near future. So, keep track of updates on our official website.







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