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Government Demand for Drones is Rapidly Growing


Very soon the government spending for drones will considerably grow. According to the statistics data, the amount of purchased drones will grow from $100 million in 2015 to $250 million in 2025. All these data were taken from the study made by The Freedonia Group. Besides, it stands to mention that governments will start ordering more drones and their amount will grow from 1,500 units in 2015 to more than 9000 units in 2025.

The federal agency is also going to spend more on these great flying gadgets. In 2015 they spent only $90 million and in 2025 they are expected to spend more than $170 million. Today we see that even government and authorities buy drones for different purposes.


Drones are widely used in various areas. Very soon the theory of drone delivery will be implemented in practice. Besides, it is a proved fact that drone shipment can lower the carbon footprint. Police departments also use drones in their everyday work. For instance, the Dubai Police created a bomb defusing drone. All this proves the fact that drones aren’t only for making aerial footage. In some instances, these devices can even save lives and right now are widely applied in rescue operations.

Very soon the state and local authorities will increase their expenses for drones. The Freedonia report confirms that drones can be irreplaceable tools used for inspecting fields and in some types of rescue and search operations.

For instance, the Gwinnet County, GA. Police Department proves the fact that it is possible to buy drones and use them in their everyday work. Officers from this department frequently rely on drones. They use them to fly over incident scenes and make aerial footage of the event or incident. They understand that drones can give them a much better view of the incident from the sky. Besides, unmanned aerial vehicles reduce the amount of time which is needed to investigate one or another event.

DJI Inspire 1 – the Brest Drone to Use by Police Departments


Officers consider that the best drone to use by governments is DJI Inspire 1. This drone has a simple fly system. This drone is powerful but still, it is light and is regarded to be the most stable drone used by governments for various operations. Besides, this drone is endowed with the functionality to carry and drop various payloads. Inspire 1 can easily withstand 40-mile-per-hour winds.

This drone has carbon fiber arms. Their prime objective is to allow a drone to maneuver in the air easily. Inspire 1 offers a full 360-degree view. For that reason, the pilots can capture shots in any direction.

Another aspect to take into account is the design of rotors. The new 13-inch quick release rotors have a Z-Blade design. Besides, they were forced with a carbon fiber compound material. Thanks to this features, the rotors have much better stability. The intelligent flight battery is also very powerful. When a drone is in flight, it shows you how much time the drone can stay in flight.

Below, you can see the video, showing you the functionality of DJI Inspire 1.

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