Aerial Survey and Data Processing

Creation of 3D models

We perform highly detailed three-dimensional modelling of urban buildings, architectural monuments, urban areas, and natural landscapes. To create a highly detailed photorealistic three-dimensional model, we use both aerial survey and ground-based geodetic measurements.The three-dimensional model is transmitted to the customer in the form of a dense cloud of points, a 3D model (3ds, obj, vrml). In a single three-dimensional model, various types of data can be combined – 2D-CAD, GIS, information modeling systems (BIM), raster data

Topography & Geodesy

Our company offers all range of topography & mapping services. We have experience in a variety of fields that include but are not limited to

— Aerial & UAV mapping

— Topographical surveys and mapping in scale 1: 500 – 1: 10 000

— As built surveys

— Volume calculating in order to measure the amount of material to be removed from the site and added to the site

— Boundary Surveys

— Cartographic and GIS-projects

— 3D modelling

We produce topographical surveys with an ability to create accurate, high-resolution contours maps. With our advanced drone technology we can survey large areas of land more accurately and faster than conventional survey techniques, providing our clients with contours and digital elevation models with rapid turnaround. Should you require a topographical survey to support a BIM project? We can provide you with a 3D surface model solution in different formats. We have the team of well trained and experienced land surveyors so you can be confident that our topographical surveys are drawn to the highest standard. We produce geodata in DWG, DXF, SHP, GDB and TAB formats.

In our projects we use a professional equipment such as Topcon GR-5 GNSS receivers, Trimble R6 total stations, Radiodetection Cable and Pipe Locator and UAV DJI Matrice 600 PRO with installed LIDAR system.


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