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Overview of The Best Features of the DJI P1

It goes without saying that you will hardly find a better technology for building accurate 3D maps than photogrammetry – the main tool for AEC managers, surveyors, and mappers. The

What you need to know about DJI’s first-ever drone LiDAR payload

By Ishveena Singh The Zenmuse L1 comes in response to burning demand from DJI users in the AEC and surveying industries – that of a powerful yet accessible LiDAR drone solution.

DJI Releases 2 New Powerful Camera Payloads: Zenmuse P1 and DJI Zenmuse L1

A while ago, at INTERGEO 2020, DJI introduced two powerful camera payloads – DJI Zenmuse L1 and DJI Zenmuse P1. Both tools can easily take aerial surveying to the next

Autel Evo II: Overview of the Main Commercial Applications

Evo II – a tool that always works hard as you do. This drone was designed with portability in mind. Absolutely each component goes through multiple tests before it leaves

Autel Robotics Dragonfish as the Most Powerful Drone Capable of Vertical-Take-off-and-Landing

The Autel Robotics Dragonfish was released with a slogan, “Subvert tradition, command the future”. It’s a powerful solution that can meet the needs of many areas. Let’s have a look

Parrot ANAFI USA: Applications and Services

When Parrot Anafi USA hit the market this summer, it immediately became the best professional drone. This new flying machine comes with excellent zoom power, thermal imaging, and superior resistance


Aeromotus — Online Drone Store in Dubai, UAE.

Aeromotus has a wide range of DJI drones and UAV’s of Yuneec company, SenseFly, Parrot, MicaSense etc. Fast delivery, quality service, professional advice, drone repair service. 

Aeromotus UAVT can support you with the following:

  • Drones for 3D Mapping, Construction Monitoring
  • Thermal Imaging Drones (IR – infrared)
  • Night Vision Drones
  • Multispectral Sensors, Drone Solutions for Precision Agriculture. Crops Monitoring, Inspection and Analysis. Spraying Drones. NDVI Maps
  • Consumer and Prosumer Drones
  • Remotely Controlled Multirotor Drones ( quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, helicopters )
  • Fixes Wing Drones
  • LiDAR Systems
  • Drone Payloads
  • Drones for 360° Aerial Shooting
  • Drones for Aerial Surveying
  • Security Drones
  • Firefighting Drones
  • Drone Pilot Trainings and Certification
  • Drones and Payloads Customization
  • Drones aftersales repair service
  • Drones spare parts and accessories
  • GCAA and DCAA Flight Permissions for RPAS
  • Aerial surveying service in Dubai and the UAE
  • Data Processing


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